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  • A launch event is set for the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Program: Th 22 May, 3-5 pm at in Sutardja Dai Hall. Please mark your calendars; invitations are expected to go out to the campus during the week of 28 April.
  • Aaron Culich began working for RIT on 21 April in his new, dual IT Architect role: Cloud Computing Service Architect and Consulting Services Solutions Architect. Welcome to Aaron!
  • Patrick attended the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing (CASC) spring meeting in Arlington, VA [agenda (PDF)]. He will report back on the meeting to his team on Tuesday 4/29, and a reading group session focusing on one of the key CASC topics – management of restricted data – is scheduled for Weds. 7 May during the noon hour.
  • Work continued in preparing the data center for the BRC institutional/condo cluster (power, cooling, racks, nodes).