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  • The BRC Program was launched on 5/22. The event went off very well, and over the coming weeks we'll have news items as well as incorporation of graphics, the BRC Program handout, and video from the event in the RIT web site.
  • RIT staff hosted Brian Waechter (newly hired L&S Director of IT) for exchange and exploration of how we might support and collaborate with L&S IT, on Monday 5/12.
  • A working meeting on BRC as it intersects with the D-Lab's work was held on Wednesday 5/14, Patrick participating. A meeting with Kimmen Sjolander was attended by a number of RIT-AD staff, including the Gary Jung and some of his HPC team.
  • BRC Service Design work – both development of a process and execution of that process in iterative steps – continues. Aaron, Richard, and Steve are involved. Update and solicitation of feedback is scheduled for the RIT-AD team meeting of Tu 5/27.
  • A reading group on 2014-05-21 The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Research Computing was held on W 5/21. Mark Chiang and a contingent from RAC attended.
  • RIT staff attended a number of end-of-year events, including for the DH Working Group and D-Lab.