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Educational Technology Services (ETS) is developing a multi-tenant AWS-native big data processing architecture initially focussed on ingesting and analyzing user events derived from online educational software and systems. Its centerpiece is a data repository, the Learning Record Store (LRS), that holds events describing system learning activities in a standard format and vocabulary (IMS Caliper). Future development of a data lake is planned to store non-conformant user events derived from other key administrative systems students and faculty interact with. Standard and non-standard events will be merged and analyzed to create data sets made available to academic researchers via API, feed role-specific visualizations, and drive other real-time applications. The first visualization based on Caliper formatted events is a student privacy dashboard that discloses to users which of their learning data is being collected, how it is being used, and provides an opt in/out data use toggle. It is currently used only for demonstration purposes.

When: Thursday, 27 July from 12 - 1pm

Where: 200C Warren Hall, 2195 Hearst St (see building access instructions on parent page).
What: Berkeley's cloud-based Learning Analytics stack
Presenting: Oliver Heyer (ETS)

Prior to the meeting, please review the following:


[a full list of attendees was not created for this meeting.]

Partial list of attendees: Research IT staff; ETS staff; Cathryn Carson; Bill Allison; Yuvi Panda; Ryan Lovett; Ron Sprouse; et al.


Slides presented by Oliver Heyer and Sandeep Jayaprakash


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