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Needed by whom and when

Basic statements about who needs the functionality and by when.

UC Botanical Garden: Some functions needed by the time they move to CollectionSpace as their production system


The UC Botanical Garden manages, tracks and shares information about plant propagation.  This is similar to conservation generally and to specimen treatments (as defined for the UCJEPS herbaria).   However, the complexity of information recorded is significant.  See the UCBG plant propagation web site to see how this information is summarized for public view.

Note: Currently, the UCBG plant propagation web site displays information using Sybase stored procedures that query live data.  Here is a summary of the information model used in the existing SAGE collection management system used by the UC Botanical Garden:

  • One plant accession can have multiple propagation attempts (documenting different attempts to treat or propagate the plant).
  • One propagation attempt can have multiple propagation activity records (e.g., pretreat seeds, plant seeds in potting soil, plant seedling in garden).
  • One propagation activity record can have multiple treatment records (e.g., pretreat seeds includes scarify (notch), brush on solution A, brush on solution B).

User stories for definition

Please feel to rewrite these or eliminate completely!  Then move to the prioritized headings below.

Botanical garden plant propagation: Developer can import existing plant propagation information.

Botanical garden plant propagation: User can enter and edit information about propagation attempts, activities and treatments.

Botanical garden plant propagation: Plant propagation information can be summarized and shared with the public via a plant propagation web site.

Prioritization of user stories

As definitions and priorities are clarified, the user stories above should be moved into relative order below.

Must have for 1.x-UCBG (when UCBG goes live in system)

Placeholder for required functionality.  As a general rule, functionality that you need and use now should go here or where you have existing data.  However, this is up to the museum.  We will have to balance requirements against resources and timelines.


Must have for a subsequent version of CollectionSpace

What could wait?  These will be re-prioritized at a later date.


Not needed

Just in case we included something not needed, you could move it down here!


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