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Project initiation and planning information for CollectionSpace deployment projects


UC Berkeley has a set of projects related to CollectionSpace deployments.  Some are underway right now; others are about to enter an initiation phase. 

Current project planning materials

Currently there are several inputs to the planning process:

Project planning needed next

The planning documents above are somewhat generic and high level.  In addition, they are tied to a post-1.0 version of CollectionSpace.  The current projects are closely tied to the current development of CollectionSpace 1.0.  Given that several next threads of work are beginning soon, some additional project planning and project management are needed:

  • PAHMA deployment (underway)
  • Herbaria deployment (underway)
    • BNHM-IST Steering Committee: Maximize overlap with Botanical Garden
  • BNHM-IST Working Group (underway)
    • Data analysis and schema mapping
    • Data migration
    • Monitoring deployment projects
    • Monitoring CollectionSpace development
  • Overall campus collections planning
    • Multi-year sequence covering BNHM and non-BNHM collections
    • Funding (for deployments and ongoing support and enhancements)
    • Production-level hosting questions
      • Whether to use Slicehost or other provider
      • How fully will multi-tenant capabilities be developed in 1.0?

Some goals as we move forward

  • Have more visibility and clarity on the various projects so people know what is going on and what direction we are moving in
  • Maximize the value we are able to obtain from the projects in order to make subsequent deployments easier
  • Introduce sufficient formalism to each but using the agile-distributed methodology used by the CollectionSpace team
  • Acknowledge the various interests and stakeholders that sometimes pull these projects in different directions


  File Modified
File cs-deploy.mpp Single deployment model, dated Feb 1, 2010 Feb 11, 2010 by Chris Hoffman
File BNHM Sample Transition Plan v2.mpp Multi-year, multi-deployment model, dated Jan 21, 2010 Feb 11, 2010 by Chris Hoffman
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