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Joyce, John, Chris met to discuss how to gather information for Joyce's evaluation of CollectionSpace relating to Essig's needs. Joyce wants to learn more about configuration, data migration, and functionality.

Configuration: While Joyce wants to see what the configuration files look like, the work on the CollectionSpace configuration files is just starting.  There are XML schema now, and soon Susan and Richard will be working on adding a PAHMA-custom field (supported by a controlled vocabulary) to a schema.  We will be able to see this field when 0.3 is rolled out (still scheduled for the end of November).  Susan and Richard will probably have that customized schema visible in a UI in the first week of December.

Data migration: We will ask Susan to describe how data migration has happened to date.

Functionality: Right now we are limited to seeing what is in version 0.2 though 0.3 will be released end of November.  V0.3 will have functionality for object entry, intake, and acquisition plus some early controlled vocabulary functionality. 

Data: It would be best to see all kinds of natural history data in CollectionSpace.  Right now we are focusing on starting up work with Herbaria data.

Joyce asks how one views data migrated into CollectionSpace.  You can see the data through MySQL tools.  However, the schema created by the system are going to look different.  You can also see the data through REST calls directly in URLs.  Also, Nuxeo (the content management system underlying CollectionSpace) also has a data viewer.

Bulk loader: Will CollectionSpace have an ability to load data from an Excel spreadsheet?  The plan is to provide this but whether it will be available at the time of the first release is an open question.

Joyce wants to have better information about the status of development.

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