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Project Description

Members of Informatics Services team and of the CollectionSpace project team will perform a fit-gap design analysis of the Essig specimen management system, the collection management system used by the Essig Museum of Entomology at UC Berkeley.  The overall goal of this project is to explore and demonstrate whether CollectionSpace will meet the needs of the Essig Museum.  Subgoals of this effort include the following:

  • Identify and assess functional gaps in CollectionSpace relative to the current and emerging needs of Essig
  • Assess whether the domain and schema customization modeled for CollectionSpace will be sufficient for Essig
  • Joyce, who has the best understanding of the capabilities of the existing system and is involved in the biodiversity research with Essig and the Biocode project, will evaluate CollectionSpace as it stands and where it's going in terms of the Essig's requirements
  • The CollectionSpace team can perform the kind of fit-gap analyses that we have been performing with other museums

Schedule: Get as much of this done by the Steering Committee meeting on November 30, recognizing that time is very short.

Expectations: This is an assessment based on the existing functionality provided by the Essig system.  We want to capture the emerging needs and shortfalls of the current system as well.

Documents and meeting notes

Background materials

Steps and Timeline

These are still being developed.

  • Chris, Joyce and John meet to identify their questions and process (e.g., configuration, customization, data migration) (some additional steps to be developed here)
  • Gather functional description of Essig specimen system (from and database schema (from
  • Gather information about existing integrations for Essig system (e.g., CalPhotos, Biocode, BNHM data warehouse, and the Essig species database)
  • Develop use cases as needed to supplement functional descriptions
  • Meet with Patrick Schmitz and Richard Millet (CollectionSpace team)
  • Write up some results
  • Results provided to the Essig community
  • BNHM-IST Steering Committee discussion on 11/30
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