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Please join the Research IT Reading Group for a debrief by Patrick Schmitz (Research IT) on several March conferences: 
Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing (CASC)
Advancing Research Computing on Campuses: Best Practices Workshop (ARCC Workshop, hosted by ACI-REF)
Research Data Alliance (RDA) 

When: Thursday, May 7 from noon - 1pm
Where: 200C Warren Hall, 2195 Hearst St (see building access instructions on parent page).
Event format: The reading group is a brown bag lunch (bring your own) with a short ~20 min talk followed by ~40 min group discussion.

Please review the following in advance of the 5/7 meeting:

Read the meeting summaries and browse additional notes and presentations as time or interest allow.

Patrick's notes from ARCC and CASC (see first page for summary)





Aaron Culich, Research IT
Aron Roberts, Research IT
Camille Villa, Research IT
Chris Paciorek, Statistics / Research IT
David Greenbaum, Research IT
James McCarthy, SSL
Larry Conrad, CIO
Mark Chiang, IST-EDW
Patrick Schmitz, Research IT
Rick Jaffe, Research IT
Ron Sprouse, Linguistics
Steve Masover, Research IT
Steven Carrier, School of Education



[Chris's RDA video]

* RDA is a young, international grass-roots organization. Coalition of individuals and orgs, organized into working groups.
* Themes: focus on outputs, deliverables that can be used; part of plenary encouraged adoption of these.
* Bias toward scientific data, but some representation of humanities, ethnography, archaeology -- and quite a few librarians.

Patrick notes that RDA is one of the few places where humanities scholars are engaged in NSF-funded work.

ARCC, CASC, CIO/VCR Summit - Patrick

* Materials from some of these have yet to be published. We'll send out links on the Reading Group list, and a couple of short articles on the Research IT site, as those materials become available.
* ACI-REF -- putting together cohorts of 1 (composite) FTE per institution. Berkeley invited in part because of Research IT's involvement in Digital Humanities. Patrick spoke about this and about Berkeley's experience bringing up a condo model HPC cluster.
* A group of about 12 campuses interested in possibly joining ACI-REF attended the March meeting; looking to possibility of building new cohorts. Strong pushback against forming Yet Another Member Organization w/ dues, etc.
* VCR/CIO Summit -- discussion about coordination and about demonstrating value of shared infrastructure (CENIC, etc.). Faculty engagement emphasized. "Concierge" was the term used at this meeting, but Patrick sees strong similarity to "Research & Education Facilitator" (the REF in ACI-REF).
* Venues that faculty identify as interesting and decide to attend are opportunities to engage and let them know what we (as Research IT support staff) can offer them
* Discussion of differences in faculty 'types' who may or may not be looking for collaborator-scholars and/or supporting collaborators of a sort that Research IT offers. Is it stage

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