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Museum informatics and research computing for biodiversity and cultural heritage museums and collections


Current Projects

Completed Projects

Supported Systems and Applications

  • CineFiles (Pacific Film Archive)
  • SAGE (UC Botanical Garden)
  • Spiro (College of Environmental Design Visual Resource Collection)
  • BLC Collections (Berkeley Language Center)
  • Seurat (History of Art Visual Resource Collection)
  • SMaSCH (University and Jepson Herbaria)
  • MIP Image Archive (Campus-wide)
  • BerkeleyMapper (BNHM)
  • CalPhotos (BNHM, campus)
  • Essig CMS (Essig Museum of Entomology)
  • UCMP CMS (UC Museum of Paleontology)
  • AmphibiaWeb (BNHM)
  • Biocode DB (BNHM)
  • Docubase (BNHM)
  • BNHM web sites (BNHM)
  • BNHM data warehouse (BNHM)
  • Business Objects reporting environment (UC Botanical Garden, HAVRC)
  • MVZ Arctos (Oracle) database administration
  • Archon archival management system (UCJeps)
  • UCMP Loans List

Operations and administration

  • Sybase database administration
  • System administration (Linux, Unix, Windows)
  • Webfarm administration

Informatics Services Team

Services and Specialties

  • Collection management systems
  • Visual resource collections
  • Data management and analysis
  • Data exchange, integration, and dissemination
  • Digital asset management and repositories (media vaults)
  • Taxonomies and controlled vocabularies
  • Semantic services and ontologies
  • Geospatial services and mapping
  • Visualization
  • Genomic information
  • Field Information Management Systems (FIMS)
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Informatics consulting
  • Grant-writing
  • Application development
  • Systems hosting and support
  • Liaison and brokering of services with other providers
  • Version control
  • Digital image processing and derivatives

More information can also be found on the following web sites:

Assignments and resource forecasts


Coming soon


Unit Description

The Informatics Services unit works with faculty, museum, academic and research communities to identify, develop and deliver cyberinfrastructure and informatics solutions to the campus. The goals of this unit are directly linked to the education, research and outreach missions of the university as stated in the Campus-wide Information Technology Strategic Plan. Informatics Services is particularly concerned with: collection management systems; digital asset management and repositories (media vaults); controlled vocabularies; semantic services; data exchange, integration and dissemination; and interfaces with services that provide other functionality, such as geospatial services and visualization.

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