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In IST, we have been discussing the upcoming requirement that NSF proposals include a formal two-page scientific data management plan, and we are gathering information about the impact on the campus of this new requirement.

While many individual PIs and departments have data management plans in place, it is likely that a campus-wide conversation about this topic is needed.  In this initial assessment, we are contacting a small group of stakeholders such as yourself and asking the following key questions:

  • What are the new NSF requirements likely to cover?
  • What are some of our key partners on campus and elsewhere doing?
  • How is compliance with the requirement likely to be handled?
  • What are some opportunities and needs?
  • What are some next steps we might take as a campus?

(Targeted statement for RAC and SPO.)  We are especially interested in hearing from our colleagues in Research Administration and Compliance and the Sponsored Projects Office. You certainly know more about the requirement itself, about its impact on grant proposal submissions and on compliance, and how campus PIs are preparing for it.

We are hoping to conclude this initial assessment by the end of August (and only need that much time because of summer absences) and would like to follow up with you in late July and early August. Any responses to the questions above will certainly be very helpful.  Additional information about the assessment can be found on a project wiki where we will also publish updates and findings. scientific data management plans

Looking forward to talking with you about this important topic.



Contacts for initial communication

Chris (sent June 24, 2010)

  • BNHM directors and BNHM-IST Steering Committee members
  • BNHM-IST Collections Data Working Group
  • Matthew Potts (ESPM faculty who has participated in NSF proposal reviews)
  • Jeff Reimer (Chemistry)
  • Andrew Szeri (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Merrill Shanks (Political Science, SSCL, CTC)
  • John Huelsenbeck (Integrative Biology, CTC)
  • Andrew Westphal (Space Sciences Lab)
  • Clifford Lynch (CNI)
  • Gerald “Stinger” Guala (Director of the US Integrated Taxonomic Information System, former NSF program manager)
  • George Roderick (ESPM, CTC)

David to send

  • Bernie Hurley (The Library, CTC)
  • Stuart Russell (Computer Science, EECS)
  • Beth Burnside (former Vice Chancellor Research)
  • Robert McDonald (Associate Dean for Library Technologies at Indiana University)
  • Timothy Cole (UIUC Library)
  • Luc M. Declerck (UCSD Library)

Patrick to send

  • Neil Maxwell (Sponsored Projects)
  • Patrick Schlesinger (Vice Chancellor Research Office, CTC)
  • Laine Farley and Patricia Cruse (CDL)
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