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On May 10, 2010, the National Science Foundation announced that scientists seeking NSF funding would need to submit a 2-page data management plan starting around October 2010.

Currently, most NSF programs require PIs to include a data management plan. However, the structure and content of these requirements vary significantly. The new NSF requirement acknowledges the importance of digital scientific data for new discovery and innovation in data-intensive science. NSF connects the new requirement explicitly to the DataNet program in the Office of Cyberinfrastructure. More broadly, this new requirement is aligned with international trends referred to as eScience.

Scope Statement

Note: The end date for this effort has been extended to September 30 to allow time for important conversations with the UCB Library and with the California Digital Library.

By September 30, 2010, the project team will provide an early assessment of the NSF data management plan for the project sponsors. The brief analysis will document what the team has discovered in response to several key questions:

  • What will the new NSF requirements cover?
  • What are some of our key partners on campus and beyond doing?
  • How is compliance with the requirement likely to be handled?
  • What are some opportunities and needs?
  • What are some next steps?

Information will be gathered from the following sources:

  • Discussions with individuals on campus and beyond who represent a sample of science domains and related stakeholders. The project team will ask a) what they know about the new NSF requirement, and where relevant b) discover what is being done now (e.g., what their current data management plans look like for NSF submissions), c) who in their field (institution or person) is considered a leader in scientific data management, and d) whether there is interest in future collaboration in this area.
  • A review of existing DataNet projects that are building CyberInfrastructure.
  • A short literature review (e.g., ECAR, ARL)

The project team will produce a strategic analysis of the space (e.g., in the form of a SWOT analysis).

Project Documents and Updates

Project charter (see attachment)

Current NSF requirements for scientific data management

Initial communication template and list

NSF scientific data management August 20 update

Notes from Educause presentation about Princeton's DataSpace service (9/1/2010)

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