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Please join us on Thursday 3/23 at noon, when Quinn Dombrowski and Maurice Manning recap their trip to the UCLA Digital Humanities Infrastructure Symposium, including their presentation on how Berkeley Research Computing supports photogrammetry and text digitization (OCR) using the high performance compute cluster and AEoD virtual research desktops. The talk will also cover some thoughts on what humanities scholars mean when they talk about “infrastructure”, and where they are looking to IT professionals for guidance.

When: Thursday, March 23, 2017 from 12 - 1pm

Where: 200C Warren Hall, 2195 Hearst St (see building access instructions on the parent page)
What: UCLA Digital Humanities Infrastructure Symposium
Presenting: Quinn Dombrowski and Maurice Manning

Prior to the meeting, please review:

Presenting: Quinn Dombrowski, Research IT; Maurice Manning, Research IT


Aron Roberts, Research IT
Chris Hoffman, Research IT
David Greenbaum, Research IT
Deb McCaffrey, Research IT
Jason Christopher, Research IT
Quinn Dombrowski, Research IT
Mandy Gagle, Mark Twain Papers Project
Maurice Manning, Research IT
Rick Jaffe, Research IT
Ron Sprouse, Linguistics
Scott Peterson, Library
Steve Masover, Research IT


See slides (about the symposium; Quinn & Maurice's presentation)


Some talks other than Maurice's and Quinn's:

DResSUP4Lib (UCLA): ramping up grad student DH projects. Looking to bring more Librarians in as support, in order to scale. Nicely structured week-by-week program for bringing up

Scott P: maybe a bit like

[Discussion of similar resources at Berkeley: D-Lab, BIDS, Library Data Lab, Software & Data Carpentry workshops]

"Software of the Oppressed: Reprogramming the Invisible Discipline" (Erin Glass)

[run-through of the Berkeley talks at this symposium, Quinn's and Maurice's talks]

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