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The UCB library is participating in a research project that investigates how to deploy a secure environment for working with library collections. The secure environment is an extension of the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) service called Data Capsule. HTRC facilitates computational analysis of content in the HathiTrust Digital Library (a consortium that preserves millions of digitized books collected from libraries around the world) with emphasis on developing methods of non-consumptive research. Such research enables "distant reading" and computational analysis of text corpora while respecting boundaries of intellectual property protections.

In this session led by Erik Mitchell and Inna Kouper from Indiana University (project lead) we invite attendees to explore together the various types of restricted data in UCB library collections and how they could be used in a secure computing environment. Broadly, we'd like to discuss the following questions:

- What library collections would benefit from using the Data Capsule?
- What kind of restrictions do such collections have? What computational uses do we envision for those collections?
- What are the technical, policy, and logistical challenges of providing access to restricted collections?

This Reading Group meeting will be held in the BIDS space, 190 Doe Library.

When: Thursday, 25 January from 12 - 1pm
Where: 190 Doe Library (BIDS space).
What: Restricted data types used in secure computing environments
Presenting/Facilitating: Erik Mitchell (Associate University Librarian (Digital Initiatives and Collaborative Services), UC Berkeley); Inna Kouper (Research Scientist, Indiana University)

Attendees are encouraged to review the following web pages for additional context and definition:

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