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Needed by whom and when

Basic statements about who needs the functionality and by when.

UCJEPS: Some functions needed by the time they move to CollectionSpace as their production system


UCJEPS applies treatments to some specimen sheets (e.g., "frozen") or needs to indicate that a specimen has been treated (e.g., "poisoned").  Treatments do have some attributes (e.g., materials, duration, person applying treatment, notes).  Specimens can have multiple treatments.  This sounds a fair bit like conservation, and it also sounds like propagation, as needed by the UC Botanical Garden. Note that botanical propagation modeled in the SAGE collection management system (used currently by the UC Botanical Garden) includes a more complex model -- a specimen can have multiple propagation transactions each of which can have multiple treatments applied.

Question: Is specimen treatment more like conservation or propagation?

Question: What is the schema for a treatment. 

Note: Be sure to look at information requirements for Botanical Garden plant propagation.

Note: A treatment batch processing user story is documented on the batch processing page.  (E.g., all specimens returning from loans out are frozen.)

User stories for definition

Please feel to rewrite these or eliminate completely!  Then move to the prioritized headings below.

Specimen treatment: User can identify a treatment (e.g., frozen, poisoned) that has been applied and attributes about the treatment.  Specimens can have multiple treatments over time.

Specimen treatment: One specimen treatment can involve repeating elements, probably as a repeatable group (e.g., materials, duration).

Prioritization of user stories

As definitions and priorities are clarified, the user stories above should be moved into relative order below.

Must have for 1.x-UCJEPS (when UCJEPS goes live in system)

Placeholder for required functionality.  As a general rule, functionality that you need and use now should go here or where you have existing data.  However, this is up to the museum.  We will have to balance requirements against resources and timelines.


Must have for a subsequent version of CollectionSpace

What could wait?  These will be re-prioritized at a later date.


Not needed

Just in case we included something not needed, you could move it down here!


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