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About Jazzee

Jazzee is the new Graduate Admissions application and review system for UC Berkeley which will 'go live' September 1, 2011. Jazzee was developed and has been used at UCSF for the last several years. The new admissions system is outlined in the Jazzee Diagram.

UCB will implement Jazzee according to the UCB and UCSF Collaboration agreement. The two campuses anticipate that, in the future, additional campuses may want to join the Jazzee Collaboration. A Jazzee Governance structure has been proposed and will be refined in the fall of 2010.

Jazzee Project at UC Berkeley

The Jazzee Project at UC Berkeley has two parts: Applications in Jazzee and the Admissions Review in Jazzee.

Applications in Jazzee uses the base code from UCSF to deliver a web-based application to prospective students and an online tool for recommenders to submit their letters on behalf of the applicants. In addition, applicants can upload documents required by Graduate Division and specific documents required by departments. All application data and documents will be stored in the Jazzee database.

Admissions Review in Jazzee, being developed by the UCB Graduate Division, allows departments to view, sort and organize application data and documents for review by their admissions committees – online. Admissions committee members will be able to view their applicants, comment on their credentials, and provide a departmental rank or score of all applicants. Once the committee decisions are made, admission recommendations and denials will be entered to the Jazzee database.

Jazzee Highlights:

  • Combines the best features of existing systems across the UCB campus and at UCSF
  • Collects all applicant data and documents in one system
  • Is customizable to collect program specific applicant information
  • Eliminates the need for departmental admission review “shadow systems”
  • Is supported by central campus IST 
  • Represents a collaboration with another UC campus
  • “Open source” code allows other campuses and universities to implement it in their admissions programs and contribute to future development
  • Fits in with campus’ strategic IT planning (e.g. Kuali)

Jazzee Project Charter

The Jazzee Project Charter outlines the scope and structure of the project. 



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