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  • 20110418 Project Manager Meeting

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Project Managers should add links to their work plans to this page.

Table of Contents


Our agenda will be:

  • each work area will spend 5 minutes describing the highlights of their work plan, assumptions, wins and challenges to date
  • we will discuss areas of interdependencies that need to be managed and determine how to manage them, including how we develop and manage our work plans
  • detailed focus will be on the remainder of this quarter
  • strategic focus will be on our trajectory to be ready for proposal writing at the end of the summer and proposal planning during the summer
  • other?

As preparation for this meeting, prepare:

    •    an up-to-date work plan we can all review in advance of the meeting
    •    notations describing your assumptions so that we are discussing and, MK will eventually integrate, plans that are "apples to apples" as much as possible
    ◦    ---for example, we know this sort of work always takes longer than the developer estimates - what % cushion did you add in? perhaps we can standardize on such a cushion
    ◦    ---for example, team member x is slated for 50% time on Bamboo, but you assumed 40% active coding because that is more likely in the real world
    ◦    ---for example, how did you cushion for the unexpected - illness, emergency on another project, etc

It's also the time of year for work plans to take into account summer schedules for the teams, so when revising work plans please check in with your teams about these? We realize not all summer plans are in place yet, but let's include the most complete and up to date information available.

As we discuss the work plans we will take into consideration inter-work area dependencies as well as the priorities we identified during our Success Definition work so that as we agree upon any adjustments we are taking into account the big picture for BTP.

Meeting Notes

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