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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Collections Interoperability: Bob Taylor presenting

  • Early work going well. NU focusing on Hathi; this is going well
  • Jonathan Smith dispatching CMIS bugs, no show stoppers though dealing with these added to the schedule
  • By end of May Hathi content, connecters to be flowing
  • Have a Hathi strategic issue to clarify and re-enforce: the partnership between Bamboo and Hathi Research Center
  • Fedora and selected Perseus content: based on conversations with Greg Crane and Bridget Almas, confident that by end of May NU will be working with initial Fedora framework with some/enough Perseus content. June NU focus on Fedora/Perseus connector building – will use a generalizable approach
  • TCP slated to be later; Tim/UIUC preparing for this work – next week phone call re-setting up initial TCP Fedora set-up. Last week approx 1400 TCP texts, preparing them for use in Phase I – 18th Century online/ECCO text to start. Tim can report in 2 weeks on this. Summer work
  • NU adding another developer on general content modeling work: Xin Chang. Fedora, Hathi
  • Claire Stewart/Karen Miller – leads with Tim's good council re standards work
    • By end of June will be done with content modeling and meta data profiles
  • ** *Action item: work with Claire and Tim re current expectations for publishing, sharing and feedback. Bob to set up call with Tim, Marlita for discussion re dates for this

Corpora Space: Seth Denbo presenting

  • Planning for workshop 2 June 6-7th
  • Feedback to work plan OK but not yet officially up
  • Good turnout for workshop 2 anticipated, crucial folk will be there
  • Non Bamboo people so far include:
    • Brian from Nebraska
    • Brian Geiger – UCSD, English Short Title Catalogue
    • NINES
  • Main point of the workshop will be to discuss kinds of tools to include in Phase 2 implementation phase.
  • Working on outcomes/goals documentation for wiki
  • Key points:
    • How we ensure CS policies are appropriate for tool builders and users
    • Clearer idea of how user should interact with CS – what's the there there?
  • Not planning to deal with non-text content in CS workshop 2 or in next phase plan but planning to include a GIS person from the UVA Scholars Lab whose materials are not strictly speaking text.
  • Woodchipper has a database of people interested to play with it but haven't followed through with them yet

Platform: Steve Masover presenting

  • Big News: new hire, very strong candidate Fernando Alvarez
  • Fernando bringing work plan into alignment with what declared in January meeting
  • Scholarly services team, especially Tufts/Chicago, took news of early March re potential delay to work on remote services so their work plan probably be more compressed.
  • Platform itself: In May there will be publically/callable instance of platform to demonstrate soup to nuts functionality with stubs
  • In terms of Work spaces, will see sense of service/client calls
  • In terms of CI, more sense of what will be like to call CI services
  • Lifecyle finally doing this; will lead to more visibility for code across project

ECM Alfresco: Noah Presenting

  • Couple of weeks ago decided to push this work to conserve resources and to leverage what others doing
  • In short term developing prioritized list for Alfresco folk – bugs, feature requests
    • Effort underway to establish partnership with Alfresco so that our needs are more strategically and actively considered
  • Good news: focus groups were conducted with positive and useful feedback. Also the dev environment is set up
  • Can request log-ins for dev environment (ask Noah)
    • To get a sense of platform, not demos for scholars
    • Seth: Perhaps useful to engage in it for CS workshop 2
  • Bob needs continuity for developers from HUBzero to Alfresco work for developer efficiencies
    • Steve: not married to delivering all functionality in both Work Spaces
    • Need to be thinking of these CI adapters as generic to clients and can expect if Bamboo is successful we can expect additional clients beyond Bamboo Work Spaces to use the adapters.
  • Will need to connect the WS and CI work plans

HUBzero: Bruce Barton presenting

  • Making progress in CMIS client and repository browser
  • Upgraded HUBzero software to newest release with interesting new functionality
  • Will be happy to establish accounts for people
  • New release of repository browser on this instance
  • Overall behind schedule because staffing issues so getting approx 50% versus the 100% FTE planned
  • CI functionality in May: browsing and viewing objects
  • Assessing whether to immediately follow CMIS work by Fedora repository work OR shift to RESTful
  • Also in May need to coordinate persons/group with services platform
  • Would like Fedora/Object Modeling to be closely coordinated with Claire's work so we may shift order of work to follow CMIS work by RESTful work
  • Staffing: Jim procures staff and hopes to bring staff availability higher in the near term
    • No information at this time how will continue to impact schedule, TBD with Jim's work within the next couple of weeks

Open Social: Noah Wittman presenting

  • Encouraging work their developer on board; work plan that seems to dovetail with WS work plans
  • 3rd Quarter ready to see what takes to integrate Open Social to WS
  • Encouraging work with SURFnet/Alfresco

Next steps

  • Bob: once monthly repeat of this meeting, especially to see when scholars and students can begin to use the work
    • Steve: off phone call ability to see this too
  • Marlita to schedule monthly meetings

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