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  • 20110613 Status Report for Communications and Outreach

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Activities for this week (Monday-Friday June 13-17)

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  • Completed DH2011 Stanford Conference (June 20-22) poster & slide show (poster is being shipped to Stanford Kinko's on 06/17; Emma to pick up poster 06/20)
  • Updated Communications and Outreach section of wiki


Goals for next week (Monday-Friday June 20-24)

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  • Present poster and slide show at DH2011 Stanford Conference
  • Set-up a conversation to discuss schedule for rolling-out the next demonstrator on demos.projectbamboo.org
  • Come closer to finalizing the Strategic Plan for Communications and Outreach
  • NITLE Report blog post published to Bamboo blog

Goals not reached this week

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Red flags

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Good news

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  • We successfully designed and printed the poster (and created the slide show) for DH2011 Stanford Conference to present on Monday, June 20th. Thanks to all work areas for your assistance in pulling together visualizations and slides for this presentation

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