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  • 20110614 Project Manager Meeting

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Our agenda will be to discuss the collated list of Phase 1 deliverables (attached) to ensure that we all understand these commitments, their time line and any questions, concerns and interdependencies.


To support this conversation please do 3 things prior to our meeting:

  • Review the Strategic Trajectory document
  • Please be sure your work plans are up to date so people can be familiar with them prior to the meeting.
  • Complete your status reports for last week
  • Please have ready any concerns or items for discussion
Meeting Notes


Marlita Kahn, Noah Wittman, Bruce Barton, Steve Masover, Bob Taylor (joining late)

Strategic Trajectory Document Discussion

  • Deliverables language might be obtuse for some readers; shall we clarify?  E.g. what does it mean to be “completed”?
    • Functional requirements/tech specifications don’t say what we are really doing; what completed means,
    • Screencasts and blog posts will make this clearer
    • Part of what we are up to is an exploration and what we are going to get and how far we are going to get is still somewhat up in the air
  • What about a user (scholar and technologist) narrative to help clarify this for broader audience? No make-work though
  • Narrative about function that we aim internally for those responsible for development and we could also build it as a more public -facing blog post
  • From PEG meeting was supposed to broaden the audience for the document; this is a start
  • Remove activity X’s and keep final X

Integrated Work Plan

Should we have an integrated work plan across all areas of work? Not a new question but we have more work accomplished and therefore have more information that could go to build such a plan

  • No; things change too much; we have good communications and working partnerships across work areas

CI and Platform

  • Need to work out the right storage mechanism for CI adapters that may utilize storage solutions for other Platform Services; discussion in the summer needed to precede experiments in early Fall, then to ready a deployment target for CI refactoring to the BSP – best therefore to move the OSGI CI development later in autumn to intersect with Platform readiness for deployment; move it back a quarter- need visibility for final 2 quarters of CI work; right now nothing showing – should a month worth of work be reserved for scratching of head and integration work versus more content brought in?
    • For now CI will not commit to bringing in more content (via building more CI adapters) pending what is needed later in the project.

User Testing

We need to ensure that we have enough early and iterative user testing to be informative and actionable as well holding more formal user testing/piloting. We agreed that 2-3 weeks planning would be enough for the lightweight user testing earlier in the development cycle and that for formal testing will need a longer lead time. Work plans must keep this activity in mind. We hope to have some early lightweight CI/WS testing done during the next few months.

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