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  • 20110815 Status Report for Communications and Outreach

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Accomplishments and Good News for this week (Monday-Friday August 15-19)

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  • In correspondence with CI re upcoming blog post; sent draft to Tim Cole, Noah Wittman and Bob Taylor for review.
  • Set-up meeting with Harriett Green to discuss her survey and its role in Bamboo deliverables.
  • Resolved JIRA issue on page break in search box; opened new task to add Search function to each page on the Bamboo website.
  • Created a page on the Communications and Outreach wiki for Demonstrators. This page serves as an open forum for discussion. We'll conduct a meeting the final week of August to follow up the decisions that came out of Evanston, and to begin discussions on what demonstrators we will build first.

Goals for next week (Monday-Friday August 22-26)

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  • Speak with Harriett Green; work with her on a blog post for Bamboo website.
  • Add to Conference Calendar.
  • Continue brainstorming layout/content for potential Bamboo newsletter.
  • Pending JIRA issues.

Goals not reached this week

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  • Transfer Themes Database to MITH server (pending JIRA issue)