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  • Atlas Demonstrator Meeting at Workshop 5 - Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Atlas Demonstrator Meeting at Workshop 5: June 18, 2009 5:30-6:30 pm


  1. John Coleman (Oxford)
  2. Greg Crane (Tufts)
  3. David Germano (Virginia)
  4. David Greenbaum (Berkeley)
  5. Worthy Martin (Virginia)
  6. Steve Masover (Berkeley)
  7. Rich Meyer (Berkeley)
  8. Howard Morphy (ANU)
  9. Jim Muehlenberg (Wisconsin)
  10. Elli Mylonas (Brown)
  11. Rick Peterson (Washington & Lee)
  12. John Pybus (Oxford)
  13. Michael Spalti (Willamette)
  14. Mark Williams (Dartmouth)

Other interested Bamboo members

Other W5 attendees interested in participating in Atlas Demonstrator work but unable to attend the evening meeting:

  1. Loretta Auvil (UIUC - SEASR)
  2. Dick Kuettner (Washington & Lee)
  3. Robert McDonald (Indiana)

Others who expressed interest during or immediately following Workshop 5:

  1. Jon Dunn (Indiana)
  2. Andrea Nixon (Carlton)

Mailing List

All the people listed above have been subscribed to a Bamboo Atlas Demonstrator mailing list. Contact Steve Masover ( if you'd like to be subscribed. As of 21 June, no substantive communication has been made to this mailing list: only a welcome, and a referral to this wiki page.

Interest in participating in "strands" of Atlas Demonstrator work

Numbers given in [square brackets] are a count of individuals who attended the meeting of 18 June who expressed interest in one or more strand of Atlas Demonstrator work. The first four "strands" listed were described in Steve's presentation at the end of Thursday's agenda at Workshop 5. (cf. notes and slides)

  1. User-centered design [4]
  2. Curated Atlas content [8]
  3. Working services to deliver partial (demonstrator) functionality [3]
  4. User interface to working (demonstrator) services [2]
  5. Incentives (A fifth strand: some serious consideration of incentives to participation) [2]

Next Steps

Program staff will take a step back and consider how and when to proceed over the coming weeks.

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