This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This is an outline for Phase 1 (24 months) of a Bamboo Implementation Proposal.
The purpose of this document is to provide information to institutions and organizations participating in the Bamboo Planning Process so that they can help determine (1) the long term future of Bamboo and (2) define what activities Bamboo will carry out in its first implementation phase. The intent of this document is to solicit community input toward the ongoing development and revision of the implementation proposal. As this is an early draft, it is not yet a commitment to carry out all or any of this work.

Please note that we are updating this document frequently based on wide ranging input from the Bamboo community. These updates will occur periodically and will be indicated as ".1", ".2", ".3", etc updates. In addition, we will occasionally make major document revisions. These are noted as "1.X", "2.X", and so forth. Between major document revisions there may be some inconsistencies in language used between the sections of the document.

Bamboo Implementation Proposal: Phase I (2010-2011) v0.3

  1. Phase I Case Statements
  2. Humanities Scholarship and Shared Technology Services
  3. Phase I Scope
    1. Relationship to the Bamboo Program
    2. Relationship to other initiatives
  4. Major Areas of Work
    1. Scholarly Networking
    2. Bamboo Atlas
    3. Bamboo Services Platform
  5. Community and Governance
  6. Partners & Roles
    1. Phase I Partners
    2. Responsibilities and Roles
  7. Detailed Plans of Action
  8. Budget and Resource Plans
  9. Appendices
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