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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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1) demonstrate progress on REST integration with CDL repository

2) demonstrate scholar vetted (2011 focus group results) file management and collaboration capabiltiies of Alfresco ECM

3) demonstrate interesting possibilities for future (Aflresco Roadmap)

Use Case

Right  now pretty generic. We could localize for a particular scholar. Scholar accesses primary source materials (Herodotus Histories), organizes and marks materials, saves original research data to CDL Merritt repository, and publishes a paper referencing data (annotated documents).


1. Scholar locates primary source materials (Herodotus Histories from Perseus) and bookmarks content (Zotero and HubZero).
2. Scholar puts primary source materials into ECM Work Space (using open standards: CMIS and WebDAV)
3. Scholar reviews, tags, marks up, track versions, organize into folders and shares content with colleagues (native ECM workspace tools for file management and collaboration)
4. Scholar accesses resources from iPad and use annotation tool (Mobile applications)
5. Scholar saves data to CDL Merritt repository, shares with Facebook and Twitter,(REST services and Alfresco ECM social publishing framework)
6. Scholar publishes article and cites data with confidence using DataCite DOI standard (DataCite)

Other Ideas

General overview of interesting functionality on Alfresco roadmap

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  1. Unknown User (

    Noah, et al –

    I like most of this. However, I think #1 and #2 in the Sequence need not be demonstrated, and indeed should not be as an element of the Alfresco demonstration. Bruce is leading work on a sequence of steps for demonstrating HUBzero (and I'm pretty closely involved too), and I'd like to keep those workflows separate from the ECM demonstrator for two reasons:

    1. there's no added value here in demonstrating (again, beyond HZ demo) that HZ can get materials from Perseus
    2. the fact that we have to jump between two workspaces to get materials into Alfresco is awkward, is a hack necessary because we do not have Alfresco wired to the CI Hub yet ... so why not skip the hack and simply show what can be done once materials are in the Alfresco workspace?

    How much of each of these things we do will depend on the overall trajectory of the demonstrations / agenda, and should become clear with David's additional input.


    1. Unknown User (

      I agree that we should not demo #1 and #2 as part of Alfresco demo (but it could be part of alfresco story of where we are going). Maybe we should introduce broader scholarly sequence as part of overall Work Space approach, pointing out strengths of respective platform and current and planned progress/investments in each area. Some of these ideas could be introduced as slides and  not live demo. I was thinking of preparing eight easy-to-read  slides from table below. We're making excellent progress on CDL rest integration and will have something nice for live demo.


      Scholar Activity (for ECM WS)

      Technology or Service

      Data Standard

      ECM Status

      HubZero Status

      1. Access & Discovery

      Searches for Herodotus Histories in Perseus and Haithi Trust Digital Library.
      Bookmarks content using Zotero
      Imports content into Work Space

      Perseus, Zotero, Bamboo CI-Adaptor

      CMIS, Zotero RDF

      can copy into workspace via CMIS, need to develop CI-adaptor integrtation

      developed working prototype

      2. Data Management

      Organizes data using folders, tags, comments


      Dublin Core

      Existing with Alfresco, new functionality with 4.0 release; strength of Alfresco

      developed prototype Fedora integration to provide this functionality; needs more work

      3. Collaboration



      Existing with Alfresco, new functionality with 4.0 release

      Existing with HubZero


      4. Analysis

      Annotates images of original Greek text (Acrobat)
      Charts frequency of word distribution (Excel)
      Writes paper using (Microsoft Word)
      Accesses to share with colleague (iPad App)

      Alfresco, MS Office, Create Suite, iOS

      PDF, docx, iOS

      Some built in tools for tagging, searching, organizing; compatible with popluar productivity tools and mobile app ecosystem; needs more work to integrate with REST tools (CDL Merritt integration a good start)

      developed prototype connection to REST services; also leverages built in rapture capabilities

      5. Dissemination

      WCM (Drupal), Alfresco Social Publishing Framework


      Alfresco integrates with Drupal, 4.0 release provides social publishing framework. developed integration with CDL repository to provide rest integration

      Public sites within HubZero..


      6. Archiving

      Scholar sends to CDL Merritt Repository for long-term access

      Alfresco, Merritt Repository Service, EZID Service

      REST, ARK, Dublin Kernal

      developed REST integration with CDL Merritt preservation repository, which ensures long-term access.


      7. Citation/Reuse

      Scholar cites data.


      DataCite, XML, DOI, Dublin Kernal

      CDL Merritt repository will asign persistent identifiers and metadata so data can be cited with confidence using DataCite standards


























      1. Unknown User (


        At first glance:

        1. you've listed seven not eight slides, is one missing?
        2. any slides that describe HZ status/capability need to be developed in collaboration with Bruce
        3. David will want to shape sequence and context for these slides, so it would be best not to get too deep into these without his full attention. For example, in the currently-conceived schedule, HUBzero functionality will be demonstrated toward the start of the meeting, and Alfresco functionality will come a couple of agenda items later in the morning. Before all of that David will deliver an overview of the meeting's trajectory. So what I'm saying is that some of the information you have in your table might be appropriate to the early-overview, some will be shown in the HZ demo / slides, some will be shown in the Alfresco part of the overall program. Whether a side-by-side comparison of HZ and Alfresco status is something we decide to showcase to Mellon is a question to raise, not something to assume, IMO.
        1. Unknown User (

          1. No. I'm working really fast here. sloppy.

          2.  Of course, I was proposing that David, Bruce or someone provide an overview, talking about progress and relative strengths of each platform. Our slides would only talk about ECM stuff.

          3.  Makes sense. I'll send out some rough slides when I get a chance but won't go too much further without guidance from DAG, you, and others.