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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Blog Posts and Discussion on the Project Bamboo Planning Wiki

This page displays blog-posts (a.k.a. "News" in Confluence-speak) in this wiki space.

How to blog: Anyone can post a blog entry! Once you're logged in, just click the Add News link on any page (Add News is different from Add Page - use Add News). The most recent posts will display on this page (new posts update this page after a minute or two). Others can comment on posts to create dialog on topics of interest to community members.

How to read blog posts: The most recent 20 blog posts are included on this page. To view all the blog entries (a.k.a. "News") ever posted in this space, click the Browse Space link on any page, and select the "News" tab. While comments to the posts are not displayed on this page or on the Browse Space : News tab, you can see whether any exist by looking at the number-of-comments link at the end of any given post. Click the blog post's title or number-of-comments link to view the post and its full thread of comments.

How to comment on blog posts: Comments are not displayed on this page, but the number of comments appears in a link following each post (click the link to view others' comments). To add a comment, click on the number-of-comments link, or on the post's title. When the post appears on a page of its own, logged-in users will see an "Add Comment" link at the bottom of the post. Click it to add your comment.

New blog post notifications: The wiki will not send e-mail notices of new posts to those watching this page (this is a limitation of Confluence, the software used to power our wiki). However, if you use an RSS reader you can create a feed for wiki content you wish to track by creating a custom feed from the Feed Builder (instructions). (Not familiar with RSS-readers? One convenient way to view news via RSS if you regularly visit the Google home page is to use the Google Reader widget on your iGoogle home page.)

Ready to use RSS feed URL: If you don't want to create your own feed, you can use this link to a pre-made RSS 2.0 feed URL - simply copy the link location / shortcut (using right-click in your browser) and paste the URL into your RSS reader to get a feed of the most recent 5 news posts of the past ten days in RSS 2.0 format. It is not necessary to log in (and therefore not necessary even to have an account on the Project Bamboo Planning Wiki) to receive an RSS or Atom feed of publicly viewable blog (a.k.a. "news") posts.

Blog stream

Create a blog post to share news and announcements with your team and company.

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As you and your team create content this area will fill up and display the latest updates.