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  • CMIS Types and Paths Map for Bamboo Bookmark -- WORKING DRAFT

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Summary of Types

The value for the cmis:objectTypeId CMIS property for the root userspace folder is bamboo:bookmark.
This file should have the following properties:

The userid of the bamboo user who creates and owns this bookmark file.

The current status of the download process of materials referenced in the bookmark file.

         A bookmark object may have one of the following status conditions:

  • NEW: not yet registered
  • QUEUED: registered, but not yet processed
  • IN PROCESS: downloads in process
  • FAILURE: one or more of the download operations failed
  • SUCCESS: all of the referenced materials have been successfully downloaded to the CI hub

The CMIS object ID of the download report object.

         The report object will be created as soon as the bookmark object is registered and queued, i. e., when the status changes from NEW to QUEUED.
         This property will then be added to the bookmark object, with value set to the CMIS ID of the report object.

         The report object will be a plain text file (mime type: text/plain), with the following contents:

  • Start timestamp
  • State change mark and timestamp (NEW to QUEUED, QUEUED to IN PROCESS, IN PROCESS to FAILURE/SUCCESS)
  • Verbose output of each download, sandwiched between start and end timestamps
  • Status of each download when ended (FAILURE/SUCCESS)
  • Final status of download operation for the bookmark file (SUCCESS unless one or more failures occurred)
  • End timestamp

        Error output should indicate the cause of the error as accurately as possible, reporting on such conditions as 

  • object exists but user cannot view it,
  • object does not exist in repository,
  • object retrieval encountered an error, and
  • unknown repository
  • others to be determined
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