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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This page is an entry point for the working group exploring collection prioritization & collection / collection service profiling.

Who (as in lead and who else has self identified)
  Tim Cole (lead), Claire Stewart, Karen Miller, Harriett Green, MJ Han, Harlan Wallach, Sarah Shreeves, ... [please add your name here if interested]

Summary (a paragraph summary of the area of focus)

Goal: advance our efforts in regard to collection nomination, prioritization, assessment, description, registration.

Bamboo will allow scholars to interact with a range of disparate distributed content held in a variety of different collections and repositories. To do this we need to identify (and vet this identification of) collections of interest and Bamboo tools, services and workspaces will need information about collections, the classes of content the collections hold, and any provider-maintained collection-level services that can facilitate interaction with collection content. (Our working assumption is that Bamboo itself will never "own" a copy of all content of interest to scholar users of Bamboo; rather scholars will identify items from collections known to Bamboo and items of interest will be retrieved from collections into Bamboo workspaces and/or service platform for manipulation, i.e., on a just-in-time basis.) We can also anticipate that for some collections Bamboo will generate additional collection-level metadata (i.e., over and above that provided by content providers), will augment methods of accessing item-level contents of collections (see connector discussion under content management interoperability area of focus ), and will in some cases create new deriviatives needing to be maintained and "integrated" with items from which derived. To do all of this Bamboo needs to identify and implement standard and interoperable ways to organize and maintain collection profiles (i.e., metadata describing collections, classes of content contained in collections, and collection-services available for access).

In this area of focus we will start by looking at existing standards such as RIF-CS and existing exemplars such as ANDS to gain  inspiration and models for defining a Bamboo collection profile and the attributes of a Bamboo collection registry (and/or other strategies). We anticipate that collection attributes Bamboo needs to care about encompass information such as the rights associated with a collection (especially when inherited by collection content objects), the availability of collection-level services like OAI-PMH, ATOM/RSS, CMIS or JCR compliant APIs for selecting / retrieving content objects, classes of object model(s) for collection content, etc. In order to do this we also need to know which are the priority collections of most interest to Bamboo users.
Tasks (bullet list or outline of work being done)

  Preliminary list of tasks:

  • Identify priority collections of interest; ongoing in collaboration with rest of Bamboo
  • Examine established collection & collection service description formats and approaches in context of Bamboo, e.g., RIF-CS, RSLP/DC CD Application Profile, NU's Content Profile approach; extend/augment as needed
  • Examine existing exemplars of collection registries, e.g., ANDS, DCMI Collection Description Community; extend/augment as needed

Prior to Berkeley face-to-face meeting at end of January, we want to:

  • Continue to solicit any additional updates / refinements to strawman list of candidate collections for Bamboo
  • Drawing from this list, create a few first-draft collection-level profiles in RIF-CS and 1 or 2 other candidate schema of high-priority candidate collections
  • Define / adapt an initial vocabulary to enumerate classes of collections and collection-level services as useful in context of Bamboo; include consideration of ad-hoc, scholarly generated "collections"
  • Identify (start process of identifying) the kinds of augmented information about collections and collection-level services that Bamboo will need to generate to support Bamboo goals and infrastructure
  • Prepare plan (to be discussed at Berkeley F2F) for how to extend schema examined to include multiple, actionable collection-level service descriptions -- i.e., information required by Bamboo Workspaces, tools, and services in order to make use of objects held in collections described.
  • Prepare plan (to be discussed at Berkeley F2F) for how to systematically vet and augment candidate collections for Bamboo, e.g., through additional study of scholarly narratives assembled and supplemental surveys of, focus groups with, one-on-one interviews with humanists and other target audiences of Bamboo.

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