This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This page is a container (parent) to pages pertaining to Collections Interoperability.

Bamboo Technology Project – Collections Interoperability

In moving from dispersed digital collections to interoperable digital libraries, the most important activity developers need to focus on is standards. – Howard Besser, 2004, "Past, Present, and Future of Digital Libraries," in A Companion to Digital Humanities, ed. Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth. Oxford: Blackwell.

The Collections Interoperability thread of the Bamboo Technology Project, in collaboration with other threads of the project, is charged with developing, adopting, and publishing a set of guidelines, protocols, and specifications that will help content providers enhance interoperability by taking advantage of the Bamboo platform.

  Additional context from the proposal:

CI Working pages

  CI Scope

  CI Work Plan, Assignments and Best-Effort Timetable  (new!)

  Interoperability Standards, Protocols, & Best Practices

  CI Areas of Current Focus

  1. Collection prioritization & collection / collection service profiling
  2. Investigation/testing/development of content management interoperability specs & models for Bamboo
  3. Essential elements of Bamboo CI Profile for object-level metadata
  4. Identifying CI-related operations required to support scholarly activities

  High Level Objectives for Collections Interoperability

  CI Functional Specifications

  Use Cases Pertinent to Collections Interoperability


From Work Spaces:

Scholarly Narratives:

  • SN-0001 Providing a Multi-language Search System
  • SN-0002 Technology Support for Collaborative Development of a Catalogue Raisonné
  • SN-0004 Supporting Distributed Co-Presence and Immersion-Based Creativity (sharing new content)
  • SN-0007 Arts Assets Data Base with Intense Meta-Data Referencing
  • SN-0013 Limited Access, Quality and Technology Support for Historical Chinese Painting Collections
  • SN-0014 Tools to Aid Search, Review and Citation of 19th Century Newspapers
  • SN-0018 Plutarch - Portal for Learning and UndersTanding ARCHival sources
  • SN-0019 The Global Performing Arts Database No. 1
  • SN-0021 A Prosthetic Reading of Shakespeare's Genres
  • SN-0022 Data Access in Secondary Publications
  • SN-0024 Australian Women's Register
  • SN-0026 Pico Project
  • SN-0028 Untitled
  • SN-0032 E-PALS- European Performing Arts Library Association
  • SN-0033 ePhilology and Memographies
  • SN-0039 Inscriptions of the Isparta Archaeological Survey
  • SN-0044 Preparing Lecture Materials on Architecture and Sculptural Program of the Parthenon
  • SN-0047 Services for eClassics
  • SN-0048 Student Research as Bricolage
  • SN-0052 Timeline of Anglo-Saxon England Scenario
  • SN-0062 Comparing Versions of a Text in a Digital Corpus
  • SN-0067 Locating Primary Sources
  • SN-0069 Searching Within a Digital Text Corpus
  • SN-0074 intersection of creative processes, textile production, wood working, and metal working, in pre-Christian Scandinavia and how it’s interwoven with the belief system.
  • SN-0075 - Scandinavian Studies - New Edition of an Old Ocelandic Text

Project management documents

Working Technical Documents

CI thread management

  Upcoming CI Calls:

11 Oct 2010 @ 2 PM Eastern (US)
* 29 Oct (Fri) 12 noon Eastern (US)
* 15 Nov (Mon) 2 PM Eastern (US)
* 6 Dec (Mon) 2 PM Eastern (US)
* CANCELED - 17 Dec (Fri) 12 noon Eastern (US) - CANCELED

  • 12 January (2011),  5:00 pm Eastern (US).  Drill down:  Content exchange/interoperability standards
  • Weekly WS-CS development call: Wednesdays, 3 pm Central (4 pm Eastern)

  Past CI Calls:

  • 12 January 2011 (2nd Deep Dive Conference Call between CI, WS and BSP on Content Interoperability)

            2011-1-12 Conference Call Notes

  • 9 December 2010 (Conference Call between CI, WS and BSP on Content Interoperability)

            2010-12-9 Conference Call Notes

  • 22 November 2010 (Face-to-Face Meeting in Evanston)

             2010-11-22 Meeting Notes (F2F Meeting) (rough html)

  CI Status Update Reports

  • To be added

  CI Listserv information

  • To be added

CI Pre-implementation

The "portal" for all pre-implemtation work for Collections Interoperability can be found by following this link. Cf. Collections Interoperability Pre-implementation - Summer 2010

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