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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Adding new rows to a table

To add new rows to a table, first click on an existing row. Then, click on the "Insert row after" icon (below). Alternately, you could choose the "Insert row before" icon, to the right.

Linking to Other Pages

The wiki provides an interface for linking both to other wiki pages, and external sites. First, highlight the text that will form the link, and click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon (below).

The dialog box that appears has a number of options. If you know the URL you want, you can paste it directly in the "Link" box at the top, or using the "External Link" tab.

If you want to link to another wiki page, you can use the "Search" tab, browse the "History", select from "Recently Modified", or look for "Attachments" on wiki pages. When you find the page you want, click on the title. Add the "alias" (the text that will appear on the wiki page) if it's blank or different from what you want.  Then click "OK", and your link will be added.

Viewing Metrics I'm Interested In

You may want to add a page to your personal wiki space that will display the wiki statistics that interest you. To accomplish this, you need to switch from "Rich Text" to "Wiki Markup" (the tab at the top of the text box). If you make a mistake with wiki markup, the worst that can happen is that the statistics won't show up.

Below are examples of hWiki Markupow to view the stats for popular pages. The wiki documentation also provides a full description of all possibilities.

Page activity

The notation {popular}, when combined with various attributes, can give you detailed information about activity on the wiki. Attributes are added after a colon, and separated by a vertical bar. They can be given in any order, and you can use as many or few as you want. To give multiple values for an attribute, separate them using only a comma. For example:


translates as "Show me a list with the top 3 themes that were created or updated in the last two weeks, anywhere in the wiki". It looks like:

No popular content.

Limiting Page Activity Statistics

You can limit the page activity in the following ways:

  • Style - allows you to see the stats in various formats
    • style=list - shows it in a list
    • style=flat - just shows text
    • If you omit the "style" attribute, the result will be in table format
  • Max - allows you to limit the number of results
    • If you omit the "max" attribute, 10 results will be displayed
  • Labels - allow you to limit by page type; you can only use one label at a time
    • labels=scholarlythemecollection - shows only collections
    • labels=scholarlypracticetheme - shows only themes
    • If you omit the "labels" attribute, all page types will be displayed
  • Events - allows you to limit results by the kind of activity
    • events=create - includes only pages that have been created
    • events=update - includes only pages that have been updated
    • events=view - includes only pages that have been viewed
    • events=create,update - includes pages that have been created or updated
    • If you omit the "events" attribute, page views will be counted
  • Timespan - limits the stats to a particular timeframe, counting back from today; you can use any number
    • timespan=2w - shows activity in the last two weeks
    • timespan=1d - shows activity in the last day
    • If you omit the "timespan" attribute, the default is one week
  • Spaces - specifies where in the wiki to look.
    • Be sure to include spaces=@all, or else you may not have any results
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