This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Consortial Models for Project Bamboo

In the few short months since launching Project Bamboo, the program staff has been thinking a lot about how a project like Bamboo in both scale and potential scope should function -- strategically, tactically, and operationally. Although exploring these issues was slated for later in the workshop series, participants in Workshop One have expressed greater interest in these questions so we'd like to collectively brainstorm and collect your thoughts and ideas on how this project should be wrangled and run well beyond the planning stage. To facilitate this discussion, the Project Bamboo program staff has identified sets of questions that probe some aspects of any consortial model we might choose to adopt. We invite you to share your thoughts on these questions to provide all of us with guidance, examples, recommendations and concerns about moving this project forward in a structured and organized way well into the future. Information gathered in this section will be used in Workshops Two through Five.

At this stage, the list of questions for consideration is short, but please let us know by sending e-mail to if you think of any essential questions/aspects that are missing.

Questions to Consider

Contribute your ideas about aspects of consortial models by clicking the link (above) of the aspect in which you are interested. On the page, we encourage you to add your thoughts and comments along with references and/or links to models and organizations that in your opinion both work and don't work and why. Recently modified pages on aspects of consortial models are listed in the "Recently Updated" list at the end of the right-side column on this page. As always, please keep Project Bamboo's Community Design Guidelines in mind, as stated in How to use this site.