This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This is the page for documents and discussion of the activities and plans for the Corpora Space Platform Group

Platform Group Description

The Corpora Space Platform Group will be responsible for evaluating architecture constraints and expectations, building a prototype platform for Corpora Camp, and, in conjunction with the overall Bamboo Technology Project efforts, proposing a platform for adoption and development in the second phase of Project Bamboo.

The group will develop a set of principles to guide the design and prototyping of a platform that will be able to support the example applications submitted by the Applications Group to the larger Corpora Space project members, drawing on the experience of the Project Bamboo Collections Interoperability and Services Platform groups in providing access to material and functionality and the Work Spaces group in providing interactivity with the Bamboo environment.

The group will work with the Applications Group to define and develop a simple prototype application at the Corpora Camp workshop in early March. The group will provide the platform components with which the Corpora Camp participants can connect the functionalities, corpora, and presentations.

Finally, the Platform Group will engage the other Bamboo groups outside Corpora Space, especially Collections Interoperability and Services Platform, providing feedback and incorporating standards and approaches when possible and appropriate.

The Platform Group uses a Google Group as a distribution list to alert participants to items of particular interest.  Feel free to add yourself to the group: Bamboo Corpora Space Platform Group

Group Participants
Work Plan
Platform Architecture and API
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  1. Unknown User (

    Good group description!  Here are a few comments/questions:

    I'd like to suggest that the first paragraph include "in conjunction with the overall BTP architecture efforts" where it talks about "proposing a platform for adoption and development" or something like that.

    I also tweaked a few names of other groups in the text above, e.g., "Corpus Interoperability" to "Collections Interoperability."