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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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For context on the nature and purpose of Theme Groups, as well as a complete list of Theme Groups and their definitions, please visit this page's parent, Theme Groups

Scholarly activities listed as part of each Theme Group are harvested from contributions to Themes pages during the community design period between Workshop One and Workshop Two. Lists of scholarly activities are not intended or expected to be comprehensive. Making the included activities more comprehensive and defining each at an appropriate level of detail is expected to be an activity of working groups in the period between Workshops Two and Three.


"Discover" encompasses both structured and serendipitous activities that identify objects of scholarly interest.

Included Themes

Scholarly Activities in this Theme Group

  • Keyword search (exact and fuzzy, with or without multiple-language synonyms)
  • Literature search (within and/or across disciplines, with aides to translating between discipline-specific terms)
  • Discover historical analyses what is now primary material
  • Image search (exact and fuzzy)
  • Audio search (exact and fuzzy)
  • Video search (exact and fuzzy)
  • Geographical-location search (exact and fuzzy)
  • Temporal search (exact and fuzzy)
  • Cultural-manifestation search (exact and fuzzy)
  • Citation surfing (following hyperlinked citation trails)
  • Recording references found "off-line" (in an archive, a classroom, a conversation, a visit to the pub)
  • Scholar-directed "scanning/trawling" through unstructured repositories and collections
  • Recursively narrow a set of discovered objects based on scholar-specified heuristics or ontology
  • 'Gisting' - translate (approximately) portions of text from one language to another
  • Translate between representation-rich formats, with toleration for limited ambiguity
  • Quickly and crudely score 'interestingness' or 'relevance' of discovered objects in a scholar-bounded context
  • Identify a set of objects in a scholar-bounded context
  • Match patterns based on scholar-specified heuristics
  • Segment found objects
  • Identify parts of a whole
  • Code relationships
  • Applies to all "Discover" activities:
    • Searching, filter, and synthesize within a single or across multiple search-bases
    • Search, filter, and synthesize across a variety of objects (texts, images, audio recordings, etc.)
    • Vary the scope of context/attention
    • Visual forms of search, filtering, and presentation-of-syntheses