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  • Documentation Review Plan - Spring 2013

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Columns recommended for review by DAG, PLS, and REM are marked with a (plus) to signify "ready for recommended review"; (warning) signifies "recommended but not ready yet." The few items marked (question) are tentatively recommended, cf. Notes column.

Note that:

  • Head pages of the major sections of documentation are bolded in the "Item" column below. Not all pages in the documentation set are listed for review; a complete list of pages in the documentation set can be found on the List of Documentation Pages, in outline [page tree] form.
  • This document is a radical condensation from the wrap-up tracking document used by Quinn and Steve, Wrap-Up Documentation Checklist - Spring 2013. Feel free to snoop, not recommended.
  • Theory of recommendations for review:
    • DAG's recommendations are the high-level bits, from which he might choose to dive deeper or not (implicit recommendation is "not," except where explicit recommendations are given, e.g., re: Research Hub sections)
    • REM recommendations tend toward the HowTo and architecture areas, figuring that he can surface to the context-setting head pages if/where he judges necessary for his "documentation review" responsibility; Richard has seen some of this material already.
    • PLS recommendations tend toward design/architecture and contextual pages with strong design/architecture component. The assumption is that he'll flip to higher/lower level pages beyond those recommended as he wishes.
  • Uniformity of voice was not a goal for documents written by different parties. Most obvious in Bruce's prose, David will recognize this immediately if he looks at Bruce's docs.
  • Expectation is that next steps are (note tight timeline, feel free to compress it if this is unsatisfactory):
    • Review by DAG, PLS, and REM complete by 24 May 2013
    • Modest modifications completed for review by Tony in week of 27 May 2013 (latest, first week of June)
    • On approval from Tony, will link to Documentation from the project domain's archival landing page,
    • Final report (tight timeline, 2nd week of June):
      • Steve writes final report prose, excerpting the bulk from this documentation set (high level elements) in second week of June
      • Amy (question) prepares budgetary component of final (Officer's Grant) report, by second week of June
    • DAG and Tony review final report draft in 3rd week of June (Steve on vacation)
    • Final report completed and sent to Mellon by due date at end of June


Another way of looking at the dates, as transmitted by Steve in e-mail:

  • 24 May: PLS/DAG/REM review complete; REM's "Documentation Review" substantially complete and published
  • 3 June: Tony's review complete
  • 10 June: Documentation final. Steve writes prose section of Officer's Grant Final Report this week.
  • 10 June: Amy's draft of budgetary sections of Officer's Grant Final Report complete 
  • 17-21 June: DAG and Tony review Officer's Grant Final Report. Steve out on vacation this week.
  • 24-28 June: Officer's Grant Final Report (prose and budget report) finalized; Tony then transmits to Mellon Foundation




Documentation(plus)  An head page that provides a technically-logical progression of sub-topics in a "ToC" set of summaries and links, in an order almost identical to the more scholarship-centric/"conceptual" entry point to the documentation About Project Bamboo; much material is deliberately duplicated between these two pages.

About Project Bamboo

(plus)  See note to "Documentation" page above. Note that order of this page pushes Research Environments above Identity and Access Management – a conceptual to deeper-dive order that would not make as much sense to a technical reader more interested in progressing (in either direction, up or down the wedding cake) from capabilities to user interface where diversely-sourced capabilities are integrated (or, less likely, in the reverse direction). This page also de-emphasizes deployment-centric concerns, which are less likely to interest a conceptual or scholarship-oriented reader.



Cataloging Digital Tools for Humanities Scholarship: Bamboo DiRT

(plus)  HowTo child page is not marked for review.



Interoperability of Digital Collections

(plus)  This is an overview page. Note that Book Model page is not marked for review because it is an excerpt of part of a page in the RE section.

Collection Interoperability Hub: architecture and implementation 

 (plus) This document was completed after PLS did his review of the documentation set. On 24 May, PLS was invited (along with several others) to contribute his ideas to the child page of this one, Future Development Directions for the CI Hub.

User Experience - Repository Browser - Local Fedora Objects


(A Bruce Barton document)

PLS: Looks good to me.



Proxied Access to Remotely Hosted Tools for Scholarship

(plus)(plus) PLS: Looks good to me.



Identity and Access Management (IAM): Authentication and Authorization

(plus)(plus) PLS: Great - very well documented!
Authorization and Policy (plus)(plus)PLS: Looks good to me.
Authentication - Current Limitations and Future Direction (plus)(plus)PLS: Looks good to me.



Centrally-Hosted Bamboo Services: Development, Deployment, Invocation

sub-pages re: configuration, etc.:


This material is largely complete; exceptions are expected to be complete by end of May, with exception of Social/SAML Gateway doc, which will be some weeks late.

REM should review all documents linked in this row (all children of the page Centrally-Hosted Bamboo Services - Development-Deployment-Invocation).


DAG: Only necessary to review TOP level page Service APIs - Other Services with attention to characterization of U Chicago contributions, as segregated from "Centrally-Hosted Bamboo Services."

PLS: Not sure if you want to look at these at all.

REM: RESTful API documents for your review primarily. Links to Javadoc for SOA-layer API toward or at end of each RESTful service API page

NOTE: These are mostly complete; ready for review in light of exceptions noted below:

remaining work is

  • CI Hub (wholesale), expected from Bill Parod by week of 13 May
  • Group needs addition of privilege types and names (parameters sent in selected methods), TBD by Keith as of 15 May 2013

BSP Architecture [FA]


PLS: Looks good to me, although if the Enabling Arch section is not complete, perhaps the doc should be edited to remove this?

SJM: made changes per discussion with PLS on 22 May 2013



Research Environments to Store, Manipulate, and Manage Digital Content

(plus) (plus)REM to note code and API links at bottom of page

Bamboo Book Model - CMIS Binding and Fedora Repository Implementation


(A Bruce Barton document)

PLS: Some of the commentary on the implementation reads a little odd (as though it was written by an external reviewer, rather than project staff). There is not a clear evaluation of the state of the implementation in use, as with some other docs.

Tool integrations in Research Environments


(A Bruce Barton diagram)

PLS: useful, but I do not really understand the title.

SJM: Sorry, the title as given on this page was still a placeholder, this page now reflects the actual title of the document, Tool integrations in Research Environments

Client Environment-Tool-Service Integration with Bamboo IAM infrastructure


Managing groups across applications and platforms


PLS: Looks fine. Although intro explains what was done and not done, much of the document seems to be design, rather than documentation. That's fine, but might be more clearly indicated somehow (e.g., in headings)

SJM: made changes to header to clarify, per PLS suggestion, on 22 May 2013

Managing digital content with an institutionally-deployed ECM: Research Hub atop Alfresco ECM at UC Berkeley


Alfresco@UCB - Integration w CDL Merritt Repository)


Tool integration atop the OpenSocial API




Curation of Digital Materials: planning for future development

(plus)(plus) PLS: I had forgotten how good Martin's essay is. Great stuff.



Proposals to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

(plus)  Not a lot to do here.



Links to Project Bamboo on-line artifacts

(plus)(question)(question)Not a lot to do here. PLS and REM might be interested to see where artifacts are located.
Bamboo Documentation FAQ(plus)(plus) PLS: This is nice - great idea.