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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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-->Hi Zoe -

    Hopefully I can catch all the points that were in the conversation related to modifications to the Story Template!  I will jot down what I have in my notes and what I recall and will commit to getting you any additional items ASAP once I listen to the meeting recording.

Here goes:

1) Metadata box at the top

- many stories may involve more than one "scholar"; we need to include instructions that indicate that the fields may include multiple values, or provide multiple fields to capture the data

2) Scope

- it seems a better description of scope may be useful - the goal is to give a rough categorization as to what actors/scholars/artists perform/use this story.  Is it all academics?  Russian historians? 

Computational Linguists? All Artists?  Five people at Georgia Tech?  

Or just the scholar his/herself?

- instructions should indicate that the Collector is making the judgement of scope (collector may be the scholar his/herself)

- what is the intended audience of the activity in the story - for whom or what is the scholar participating in the story?

- who is the intended audience of Bamboo's collection of the story - what workgroup or set of Bamboo folk need this story as input to their process

3) Keywords

- For now a field for keywords would be a good start to permitting 

linking of related stories

4) Shared Technology Services/Automation Question

- We should include a question directed to the collector aimed at 

gathering how this story would be affected by the technology built by 

the Project.  What "shared services" would help transform the story 

into something of more benefit for the scholar or his/her audience?  

What could be automated in the story?

5) Are there parts of the story that related to other collected stories?

* * *

Thanks very much for taking a stab!  If you run into Confluence issues 

Rich or I can lend a hand. Or, if you want to just mock something up 

in Word I am happy to figure out how to wedge it back into 

Confluence.  It is a great help to be able to hand this off to get the 

Action Items and the Goals work done, so I am very appreciative of 

your time and effort.

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