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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This page is for evaluating existing networks. To help keep track of the conversation, please sign your comments.


Indiana Database of University Research Expertise is designed to serve as an easily accessible database of research expertise of academics working at universities and colleges in Indiana.  It's not a social networking site per se but it may serve as a model of a cross institutional platform for sharing researcher profiles.  [Jake Carlson]


The nanohub is an NSF supported virtual community of researchers from many different disciplines whose work involves nano-technology in some way, shape or form.  The nanohub platform not only provides researcher profiles and social networking opportunities, but contains sophisticated tools, learning objects and other content relevant to the study of nanotechnology that can be used by its members.  NanoHUB has made the software that underlies its virtual platform, HUBzero, available to other projects.  This has lead to the development of 7 other hubs with more on the way.  These hubs are currently focused on STEM fields, but HUBzero software could theoretically be applied to the Digital Humanities. [Jake Carlson]    


We should look at Elgg (originally based on Wiki Technology, but now more generally a social networking solution. It was originally developed in an academic setting. Cambridge has a group using it for a "research network" in the Centre for Atmospheric Science [John Norman]

Apache Shindig with Sakai

Cambridge is also working with others to incorporate Apache Shindig (an implementation of the OpenSocial apis) into Sakai. You can sign up for an account and see some pretty scrappy work in progress at 3akai [John Norman]

ArnetMiner This site has lots of computer science, but the info is gathered from the web and extracted. [Loretta Auvil]

LinkedIn [Loretta Auvil]

myExperiment [Loretta Auvil] from an email... [Loretta Auvil]
Academic site with a facebook connection. Ability to search for an institution. tree format display. A tree of academics around the world. You can add an individual, track a research area, share your research. Add an institution. (comment: with the facebook connection it seems that this was developed by a younger scholar who is already native to FB). [Joan Falkenberg Getman]

Pronetos [Joan Falkenberg Getman] a commercial service founded at Boise State. description below.
Pronetos exists to connect scholars and their institutions and facilitate production of scholarly work. We offer a complementary set of products and services to help scholars collaborate, publish, and archive their scholarship. We remove technological barriers so scholars and researchers can focus on producing research in their respective fields.

Our company was founded by faculty and staff at Boise State University wanting to change the slow moving and economically untenable scholarly publication system. With that single goal in mind, we created a series of offerings to achieve that goal:

  • Our "Professor's Network" which connects scholars across the globe.
  • The Open Access "Global Research Archive" which allows scholars to deposit research into an OAI compliant repository that is free, and open to all disciplines.
  • A hosted, open source, digital journal publication system.

Scholars can network and collaborate with the social network, deposit works into the repository, and with those relationships and that content, easily create digital peer-reviewed journals in their field.

Academici [Joan Falkenberg Getman], another commercial service Knowledge networks. Not clear who sponsors and who belongs but it claims to support academics.


Looks like Delicious at first glance, but apparently it has a lot of other functionality that's just a bit hidden. Bamboo program staff have been in touch with the developers, and they're really enthusiastic about working with the Scholarly Networking group. [Quinn Dombrowski]


People have raised concerns with this platform, but the fact remains that people use it. [Quinn Dombrowski]

Thought Ark

Sorin's project, see Thought Ark Demonstrator. [Quinn Dombrowski]


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