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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Break-Out Group 10

Andreas Aschenbrenner, Bethany Nowviskie (scribe), Scott French, Brad Cohen (reporter), Adrian Burton, Jim Elmborg, Karen Williams, Anne Ofstedal, Nicole Saylor (facilitator), Liz Pearce

Questions we have regarding how these directions interrelate?

worries about off-putting language "training" and "services"

strong sense that an IT perspective pervades the framing of the directions and the questions that are being posed

concern with the notion of "services" - we understand that it is being used in the technical sense, but we need to be conscious of the social implications and work to reframe it as "collaboration"

faculty don't want to be educated, serviced, or trained.

it's often not about building new services, but providing a clearinghouse or portal for existing ones.

1 and 2 = advocacy – is it local or national/international?

  • is it about awareness-building among our humanities colleagues?
  • or is it promoting a larger policy agenda concerning IP & copyright

how to reach faculty?
faculty are influenced by their colleagues – however we need to be conscious of the dangerous cachet of the single, charismatic scholar and the boutique project – how to support exemplar/demonstrator projects while not creating resource disparities?

Do these directions include your interests and concerns?

collaboration for humanists is often not local – instead they gravitate toward content regardless of geography. However, IP issues often mean that distributed scholars are shut out.

Web services for content are critical – we see 5, 6, and 7 as intertwined.

in fact, CONTENT is a thread that runs through these 7 directions.

how to engage the larger (not necessarily scholarly) community – genealogical researchers who are digitizing content, television stations who have archives to share and preserve – IP issues can be crippling here.

Is Bamboo trying to do something transformative?

  • if so, what are the targeted areas for transformation?
    or something that fits into current practice?
  • if so, we need to do scholarly ethnography

MATRIX idea for thinking about how to get these 7 categories talking to each other – example, content as a thread that moves through

sense that the scope is far too big and we need to find granular projects, areas for action.

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