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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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  • Tom Barton
  • Jose Sacaven
  • Gavan McCharthy
  • Judith Pearce
  • Sue Mether
  • Katie Hayne
  • Ruth Tringham
  • Eric Kansa
  • Katherine Kott
  • Marje Schuetze-Coburn
  • Xavier Llora
  • Loretta Auvil

Introductions going around the table

  • Preservation != sustainability

Two questions proposed


  • Judith, Business framework. Services and how the workflow fit on
  • Ruth, Marketability is also part of the business framework (not just the services or the tools)
  • Judith: What are the things that need to be advocate to sell the framework (question going down the list)
  • Katie, Services may not be the overarching, Ruth said solutions instead
  • Tail end not, it should be what needs to be upfront
  • Catherine, sometimes business and services interchange
  • Ruth "services" problematic because something implies somebody is there. We may want to get away from that
  • Loretta, should we get away from people get into computer services (sharing and reusability)
  • Eric, value comes from service plus client. Services framework should be something like that?
  • Eric, should we focus on collaboration of services, and focus around the exchange of information
  • Ruth, Are there ideas of consortiums or model?

Directions and interests

  • Katherine, organization and sustainability
  • Ruth, sustainability of content. Still not clear where that would be
  • Ruth, standard for sustainability of images, museums, archeology (is that in 5?)
  • Katherine, is there an organization to sustain/revise those standards
  • Judith, how?
  • Tom, advisory, guideline, what is the process?
  • Ruth a consortium like this would be really valuable
  • Marje, sustainability of a consortium
  • Jose, where is disemination and reusability of the experiences, do not want to duplicate the effort
  • Tom (summarizing the not reinventing the wheele) Where is that?
  • 7 Marje (is that social networks?)
  • Ruth, working groups needs to clearly have that in their process
  • Judith, not really social, need to be more of registry. Tom, the craigslist may be going to that direction
  • Tom, should that be on the SN group
  • Judith, sustainability, strategy, etc, is a big element when going over the international barrier
  • Ruth, how we get advocates of the digital world working?
  • Eric, funding agencies and sharable funding proposals that helps create a better picture
  • Eric, this also ties to sustainability, and how you guarantee the moving forward
  • Tom summarizes it as "policy"
  • Xavier, what are the mechanisms of working groups to create and disappear
  • Judith, what will happen after bamboo, how institutions will be able to integrate
  • Marje, collaboration and emergence
  • Eric other fields have the need of sharing (such physics and the investments)
  • Tom, how long the catalitic periode should last?
  • Katherine, Marje 5-10 years, Gavan 21, Jose depends if bamboo stands as individual standards,
  • Ruth not start from scratch, Eric never
  • Xavier, how you measure success?
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