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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Break-Out Group 10

List up to two questions per direction that need to be answered as we further shape them

Alan Hanson
Kent Hooper
Arno Basso
Rick Peterson
Adrian Burton
Ray Larson

Institutional Partners & Support
Should Bamboo develop reasons to present to administrators, funders support more support for digital humanities.
Collaboration would be of intellectual interest to both it person and researcher.
What's Bamboo going to do about UCLA resource allocation between it, library, etc?
How can Bamboo facilitate collaboration among R1 and smaller institutions?
What could Bamboo do to help with intern and intra resource allocation?
Could Bamboo impact meetings of scholarly societies?
Are their ways that Bamboo can promote objectives and ideals to trustees, deans, regents?
What can Bamboo bring to UCLA? We should make the case
How can we reinforce the message that this is a shared effort involving faculty and staff?

Education and Training
To what degree can we anticipate that humanities scholars will be receptive to Bamboo offerings?
Is this Bamboo education or bringing together training providers?
Will Bamboo be of interest to scholars and to what degree?
What are the good models from other education projects?
How will this work in terms of it staffing for smaller institutions? How might this be different from large R1 institutions?
How can we connect people at r1 institutions to smaller institutions?
Worried about training for faculty. Need something more meaningful--not just learning software. Training if it's needed is a bad sign. Clearing house of success.
As for training, faculty are willing to invest a lot of time if its close to their research. There needs to be trust that services will be stable. We are not afraid to do hard work but do not want to waste our time.
Can Bamboo develop training programs that will be relevant to research and teaching?
What is the relevant training for humanities and arts faculty that Bamboo can bring?

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