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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Break-Out Group 4

Tool and Repository Partners and providers

How do we use these to advance research?
Adopt some of the methods from genetics/biology
Humanities may not be able to adopt this:  Humanities believe they can exist without technology, sciences are engaged with technology throughout the process of becoming part of the discipline.

Where is the value for the faculty?

How can we evolve with the system?
Scholars have not identified what they are using technology for.

2 questions:
How do we handle identities to allow for research types of access to repositories etc. (types of access that otherwise might look like malicious attacks)?
How might bamboo facilitate archives that are protective of their sources to feel secure enough to open them up to uses through bamboo?


How does teaching/education build upon and rely on the tools and repositories?
Other tools are necessary to serve the pedagogical need of the individual faculty member. How can we serve the needs faculty have rather than primarily having faculty find the need?
How do we bridge the research uses of information with the pedagogical approaches? 
How do we connect the people who are aware of the ways to do interesting research and pedagogical uses with those who have a need? (is this education and/or networking?)
Assuming we have a set of tools and services, how do we help move these into the research uses and teaching of faculty?  This depends on the credibility of the providers
Multi-tracked: Student/Faculty, team,
What models of partnering can address time pressures and the fact that processes depend on multiple types of contributions?
Who does the teaching colleague to colleague?

2 questions:
While we recognize that Education in this instance is focusing on educating the faculty and the staff, how can we keep a focus in Bamboo on pedagogy in addition to research?
How do we create a method that encourages multi-directional flow of teaching/learning colleague to colleague broadly construed?Can bamboo provide an exemplar how they use tools in related ways?

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