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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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  • Service frameworks
  • Social networks

Potluck service frameworks

  • Has been done already?
  • Succeeded or failed?
  • Ownership (privacy, anonymizing)
  • Measures for success of failure
  • What is the model to get the thing rolling FTEs?
  • Should resources be pulled from different institutions? Hard
  • Maybe main institution commitments and move forward
  • What is the big win for the institution?
  • Priority of the services
  • Are we meeting the needs?
  • How to assure connection to need of participation
  • Driver is to a bottleneck or how can that be overcome?
  • Democratize by simplifying and lower the bar to allow scholar's to jump in
  • How to manage the gap between the different spectrum of age/training
  • Shaping the message of a service framework? Bringing it to non IT field
  • What is the cost/benefit? Adoption, maintenance, etc.
  • How to make it relevant, and convey the message of relevancy
  • Services become a personal research environment? How to share them
  • Privacy and how people can opt in
  • Peer review for the process
  • Enhance and transform research in humanity should be central (building around that)
  • Should that be driven the services?

Potluck social networks

  • Big challenge because of the disparity of background/age
  • How to bring old traditional resources to the social networking
  • Build upon current human networks
  • Different lenses for showing different models
  • Big challenge to slice based on domains and opt in different
  • What are this SN tools not doing?
  • Access to resources to share across
  • Getting the results instead of accessing the whole thing
  • Human networks to avoid connotations of social networks
  • How to control access, sharing, and propagation?
  • Need to identify the concerns of the scholars? Reputation management? Image building? Stolen IDs?
  • Network of repository/contents instead of persons?
  • How professional societies play in this


Service Frameworks

  • How can we expand on what is available and make it universally accessible?
  • How is the scholarly practice attached to a service and what is the method of service selection been conducted?

Social Networks

  • What concerns do researchers have about committing to social network activity?
  • What is the relationship between the scholar and scholarship in as social/human network?
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