This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Mapping Future Directions for Project Bamboo

New future directions

Suggest a new future direction (by clicking here)

  • Before adding a new direction, please consult the master list (below)
  • Immediately save your new future direction by renaming the page
  • Add rows to tables when you have a new item to add (how do I do it?)
  • Add (signed) comments rather than overwrite another participant's contribution (see community design guidelines, as stated in How to use this site.)
  • More information about future directions can be found below

Master List

The last future direction in the list is a template page; it can be ignored.

Recently modified future direction pages are listed in the "Recently Updated" list at the end of the right-side column on this page.

About Future Directions for Project Bamboo 


As the community identifies and fleshes-out themes of scholarly practice, ideas for where Project Bamboo can enhance those practices in the arts and humanities will begin to emerge. The Project Bamboo community is invited to suggest and consider these ideas for Project Bamboo's future on "Project Bamboo Direction" pages on this wiki.

Describing Future Directions for Project Bamboo

Documenting potential future directions for Project Bamboo has multiple aspects that encourage collaborative contributions - not just original authorship. We're looking for:

  • Future Direction name and definition
  • References to related themes of scholarly practice identified as Theme Pages on this wiki
  • Thoughts on why this potential direction is appropriate or inappropriate for Project Bamboo
  • Information about and references to tools, standards, organizations, and/or efforts that already exist or that are missing in this area (information included by reference to Theme Pages need not be duplicated on Future Directions pages).

Suggesting a new Future Direction 

To suggest a Future Direction not yet proposed by a Project Bamboo colleague, click here to create a new Project Bamboo Direction page. Modify the template with your new future-direction's name, description, etc., and save it - renaming the page with your new direction name.  If another user has created a Future Direction similar to one you are thinking about (see list at top of this page), please contribute to that page rather than starting a new one.

When creating a Future Direction, please keep Project Bamboo's community design guidelines in mind, as stated in How to use this site.

Adding to an existing Future Direction 

If you would like to flesh out the Future Direction with your own interpretation, you can edit the page and add more information. (See example page.) If you'd rather discuss the Future Direction without editing the page itself, you can add a comment at the bottom of the page. You're also welcome to contact the page's contributors via e-mail, etc., if you think it would be productive to develop ideas in a collaborative dialog prior to contributing them to the wiki.

When contributing to a Future Direction, please keep Project Bamboo's community design guidelines in mind, as stated in How to use this site.