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  • General Project Managment 20110209 Meeting Agenda and Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This page is a list of project management discussion topics regarding tools, communications, protocols and so forth. These items will constitute the agenda for a conversation among work area leads and project managers on February 9, 2010.

Interdependencies among Work Area

      Work plans/schedules
  • continue managing work plans and decision making to ensure that work area interdependencies are managed
  • what are the best means of doing this?
    • what is working now?
    • what is not working now?
    • what can we improve
  • relate to Crosswalk as resource for coordinating interdependencies 

- good to improve the way internal people can see what is going on who are higher level
- need to keep things going by not spending too much time on work plans, but need enough detail for those doing the work and the work area wok plans should include milestones that others need to know
- milestones in work area work plans. Work Spaces will look toward functionality and detailed tasks in JIRA with specific tasks and dates

     Cross Walk Topics and Approach
  • is there an optimum and/or maximum number of participants for these meetings?
  • what about meeting format? what is working? not working?
  • how can we use this concept beyond conference calls/meetings/notes on the wiki? 
  • Bruce- what we do and do differently depends on the topic but i think if we have a cross walk topic that needs focused individuals we make sure they are on the call, if it is a broad topic then we need to be inclusive
  • Steve:  to the degree we have a well articulated topic we should have that but to the degree we need to have something thrashed around, we should let that happen
  • Bruce:  purpose is calibration and that can seem like thrashing
  • Marlita:  Agreed. Also often an outcome of Cross Walk is Experiments 
  • Tim:  agreed that often an outcome of Cross Walk is Experiments

Standing Meetings

  • do we have the right meetings?
  • do we have the right participants?
  • are they at the correct frequency?
  • how's the format and flow?

- working better with less frequency of standing meetings
- reduced visibility therefore regarding when meetings are; high number of doodle polls
- one calendar may not be right strategy - maybe have a meeting calendar on wiki
- maybe display this month's or this week's calendar on the front page without the conference call number but has contact number for that information
- maybe very large link to the calendar from wiki home page
- some of that wiki home page is for internal people rather than outsiders visiting for first time or rare visits; lots of room for improvement on home page. direct people new to project to website for a start
- agreed to look at current calendar for feedback,
- note that it's a different thing to see who's available for setting up a meeting versus to see what meetings are scheduled

Wiki Use and Management

  • template usage - vigilant, consistent
  • labels - vigilant, consistent
  • consistent structure and format across Work Areas where relevant
  • using in-line comments to follow conversation flow
    • include initials and dates
  • macros
  • gardening
  • favorites
  • notifications

- Tim doesn't have enough patience to use the tools and consistency and there's not a lot of room for feedback loop, e.g. someone says needs some dates, macros, how does that get back to person "owning the page"?
- Marlita: give me request and I will execute or pass on to appropriate person

- When viewing a page, hard to now what is the currency of the page? what is it's current value? would like a sense at a quick glance of its currency and relevance.

- --Let's adopt a convention that expresses this and are used at the top of the page in a panel. E.g. 4 phrases

Draft Terms (MK 2/10/11)

  • Draft:  Content under active review, discussion and editing
  • Final: Content represents decisions that will be implemented
  • Static: Pages not under active editing, but which might be revised occasionally as needed
  • Deprecated: Page has been replaced by more recent information or by a duplicate page
  • Archived: Materials relevant as project history

- -- also use a big warning panel to re-direct to more active page
- -- also label pages with relative activity and currency on page and have those pages rolls up to area at top of Work Area (Work Area context: active topic page)

----use same language for labels and panels re currency?

---- judgement if need both on a page
-----No separate the purposes because it's too much curation work to keep them in sync and they are not necessarily doing the same job

Communication Tools

  • conference call options
  • web conference options
  • shared "white board"
  • email protocols (e.g. subject strings)
  • shared calendar
  • threaded email/forum 

- threaded and archive email request. There are a couple of options Nable and Google Groups. Any one would work and we will follow up

Status Reports and Summary Reports


-- Marlita prefers not to nudge each week

-- Steve - thinks summary report has too much information

-- Let's get recommendation for lightening it up via comments page

-- CI will try to complete status reports going forward

JIRA Studio

  • we need to agree on best practices and workflows
  • share lessons learned and suggestions to inform above
      Code Management
  • will Work Areas need to share code? If so what are the protocols?
  • we need to agree on best practices and workflows
  • share lessons learned and suggestions to inform above
     Code Documentation
  • create in-line documentation (i.e. comment code) as you go
  • what level of documentation is good enough to reach our "success" goals?
  • be clear on the audiences for the documentation

- Marlita set context and status - tool set for development, issue management and includes wiki, Have just started 30 day trial, wiki will not be moved over until a macro plug in we use a lot is available, tentatively April
- Steve said will open it up once the first pass is ready for review
- Seth speaking with Travis and Jim about their needs and will let us know

Other tools?