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  • How the recipes work in Bamboo

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Responding to the Scholarly Community

Recipes are a structured response to the community of scholars that contributed to Bamboo and who will use it. The recipes should make sense to you. We chose to call them recipes because we all know how a recipe works for getting something done like cooking a dish using utensils. Therefore our recipes typically describe:

  • Introduction What this recipe is for cooking up, typically a general task
  • Ingredients What do you need to be able to follow the process, the types of tools and content you need at hand
  • Steps What are the steps or Activities in the process to cooking up, how to get something done with the ingredients

The ingredient often links to pages that will describe a type of tool that already exists so you can do things with your local computing services. Bamboo will be integrating these tools, but in the meantime we discuss other technologies out there for those who want to do it yourself. If a tool has b before it, like "bGroup" it indicates a candidate integrating tool for Bamboo to develop.

Drawing on Stories

Recipes draw on the Scholarly Narratives to propose general tasks that scholars want to do with information technology. The Scholarly Narratives are the stories you scholars told Bamboo about what you wanted to do with technology in your research. The recipes draw on these and describe a generalized way of doing something important to you. These Recipes were put together by the community of scholars who use technology. They are our ideas about how to best get real academic tasks done.

Connecting to Activities

The Recipes connect the Scholarly Narratives to implementable Activities.

  • The Recipes link to one or more Scholarly Narratives so you can see where they came from and how we understood your needs. This way you can respond if you don't think we got it right.
  • They show how a larger and meaningful task can be done using tools and content in a way that allows us to actually implement something you can use. The recipes are the way we use your stories to develop working technology to return to you.
  • We do this by breaking the recipes into steps or activities, each of which can be supported by technology. The Activities can show up in multiple Recipes. Activities are typically the parts of a task that can be facilitated by a single Tool. Activities are not the scholarly ends, but steps to real scholarly ends.
  • You might want to cook up your own Recipe using Activities or just use some of the Activities.
  • And, of course, the Recipes point to tools that already exist where we know of them. You can use these now, though Bamboo will integrate them.

Thus the Recipes should link on the one hand to relevant Scholarly Narratives, and on the other to Activities.

Other Things to Know About the Recipes

The recipes can be used as a way of getting an overview of what Bamboo will do and imagining what it could do. Bamboo is not a fixed thing, but a community that can evolve. One way it evolves is if you tell us new stories or if you adapt our recipes. For that matter, if you have developed a tool to help with an activity please tell us!

  • Bamboo Recipes are a way of describing what a scholar can do with Bamboo at a given time. You can use this to understand what Bamboo can do for you!
  • Recipes are a way of prioritizing what should be developed. As Scholarly Narratives are added and Recipes drawn from them, decisions about technology to be implemented can take the form of prioritizing the Recipes. This avoids the problem of implementing technologies that only partly solve a real problem.
  • Recipes are part of the evolution of Bamboo. Bamboo is designed to be more than sustainable - it is designed to be a way of evolving rather than any one technology. It will evolve as you tell us new stories about what scholars want to do. Bamboo will analyze these and turn them into Recipes building on the Activities we support and imagining the new Activities we need to support.
  • Recipes are a way of auditing what Bamboo does. If you want to make sure we are working try following a recipe. Tell us what works and doesn't.
  • Recipes can be adapted to your situation. These Recipes will be released in a structured fashion and under a Creative Commons license so you can adapt them to your community and the tools you have at hand. Are you supporting scholars in a project or university? Take the Recipes your community needs and adapt them to the tools you can support. Expand on the Recipes, translate them, add new ones specific to your needs, and link to content you have.
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