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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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What's a wiki?

A wiki is a website that evolves through additions and changes that users make themselves. With traditional web pages that solicit user feedback, users have to e-mail their suggestions to the site owner, who then posts the changes at their convenience. With a wiki, users can add information directly, and it immediately appears on the site.

A wiki shares many features with traditional websites: the fundamental unit is a page, pages may contain images and/or text, and pages are linked to one another in some way. Pages in a wiki are structured in a hierarchy: each page is a "child" of another page, and it too may have one or more "children"

How do I get around?

Just as there are many different ways that traditional websites structure their navigation, there is no standardized "wiki navigation". In this wiki, we've included four different ways for you to get around:Breadcrumbs, Quick Links, Reference, and Recently Updated.

  • Breadcrumbs appear at the top of every page. They show the hierarchical path that will get you from your current page back to the top-level page (Bamboo Public Wiki if you're not logged in, Dashboardif you are.) Depending on how deeply nested your current page is, you may see an ellipsis at some point in the breadcrumb path. If you click on this ellipsis, it will show the entire path.
  • Quick Links: Project Bamboo appears on the left side of every page. This is the main navigation for the site, and is broken down into three categories: About the Project - background on Project Bamboo and general links for related references, our "buzz" page, blog posts, etc; Timeline - showing the progression of the project; and Planning Wiki Tools - how-to guides for the site.
  • Tables of Contents appear on pages where internal links to sections on the page facilitates navigability.  These appear, where included, in the upper right, above the Quick Links panels.
  • Recently Updated appears on the right side of some pages, below the Quick Links panel. Recently Updated shows pages within a certain section of the wiki to which users have recently made changes. On the wiki's home page, Recently Updated shows what's been updated recently in all sections of the wiki.
  • Search allows you to search the entire wiki for the keywords you enter in the search box.

Editing vs. Commenting

This wiki has specific conventions for when you should edit a page and when you should comment on it. Themes, directions, consortial models, and some theme collections are open for community contribution, and we encourage you to add your thoughts directly to the page using the conventions provided on those pages. If you have thoughts or feedback on non-editable pages (some theme collections, workshop 1 notes, or any administrative pages such as this one) you can comment by clicking on the Add Comment link at the bottom of the page. If you have a comment or complaint about content on a non-editable page, you can also let the "Wiki Gardeners" (who facilitate keeping the wiki in good order) know via e-mail:

How do I edit?

To edit a page, click on the Edit tab directly above the text. A toolbar will appear with the same kind of icons you see in Microsoft Word, and they work the same way. The procedures for adding an image, adding links, and adding rows to a table may be different than you're used to; we've set up a Community Design Wiki How-To Guide to answer questions about these procedures.

How do I restrict editing?

As much as possible, we'd like to minimize editing restrictions so the entire community can weigh in on the topics provided here. The only possible exception is theme collections, which constitute a more personal grouping of the data. If you would like to prevent others from editing your theme collection, please say so in the collection definition.

What's the text in brackets?

The {text you see in brackets} is "wiki markup", a way of editing that provides advanced features. Unless you're familiar with Confluence wiki markup, we strongly suggest that you edit using the default toolbar. If you see wiki markup on a page you're editing, please don't modify or delete it. It won't show up when you save the page, and it's crucial for maintaining the navigation of the site.

How do I attach documents and images?

We ask that you link to external images or documents instead of attaching them directly to the wiki. You can find instructions for linking on the Wiki How-To Guide.

If you need to post an image or document on the wiki, please e-mail with the item and the URL of the page where you want it attached, and we'll do it for you.

Are there any other guidelines for the Bamboo wiki?

We've put together a Wiki Guidelines page for Bamboo community participation.

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