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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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For context on the nature and purpose of Theme Groups, as well as a complete list of Theme Groups and their definitions, please visit this page's parent, Theme Groups

Scholarly activities listed as part of each Theme Group are harvested from contributions to Themes pages during the community design period between Workshop One and Workshop Two. Lists of scholarly activities are not intended or expected to be comprehensive. Making the included activities more comprehensive and defining each at an appropriate level of detail is expected to be an activity of working groups in the period between Workshops Two and Three.


"Interact" encompasses a broad and somewhat hazily bounded sphere of activities that includes the "scholarly networking" concept that recurred throughout the early months of the Project Bamboo planning phase . It may include location of and enabling interaction between scholars with overlapping interests; it may include location of digital tools and resources along with information about how they can be successfully used and/or help in actually using them; it may include a platform on which scholars may perform a variety of scholarly activities collaboratively.

Included Themes

Scholarly Activities in this Theme Group

  • Create a self-edited, multimedia-rich profile with the ability to ingest a variety of scholar-friendly sets of material (e.g., BibTeX citations)
  • Identify, join, and/or create formal and informal groups (networks) of individuals along arbitrary axes of affiliation, shared interest, affinity, and interest in scholarly collaboration
  • Post messages that are distributed to groups or subscribers
  • Assert affiliation with groups, events, disciplines, specialized interests, objects of cultural interest, etc. and expose networks of scholars with similar (exact or fuzzy) affiliations
  • Validate another individual's assertions of affiliation
  • Participate anonymously in some or all scholarly networking activities while enjoying the privileges of an authenticated-as-self session on the scholarly networking platform
  • Meet in a "virtual space" in which diverse objects of scholarly interest (artifacts, papers, citations, annotations, links, blogs, wikis, etc.) can be shared; and maintain a record of the meeting
  • Facilitate interchange between participants who speak different languages (whether natural or discipline-centric languages)
  • Identify and engage an appropriate publisher
  • Identify and learn about tools and digital resources appropriate to a scholar's interests
  • Find a technologist or librarian who can help realize a scholar's ambitions in digital scholarship
  • Expose use-cases for which tools and digital resources were already employed - both successfully and unsuccesfully
  • Expose maintenance/sustainability costs, issues, and risks involved in use of tools and digital resources
  • Identify and learn about methodological biases inherent in tools and/or digital resources
  • Identify people or organizations who can help "rescue" a body of work from a "dead end" tool or technology or storage media where it is orphaned