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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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From Downtown Berkeley BART to International House

Take public (AC Transit) 51b bus (13 minutes total travel time)

Sample Schedule. Go to for more schedule options

Start: BART Downtown Berkeley, Berkeley
End: Bancroft Way & Piedmont Ave, Berkeley
Arrive by: 8:00am on January 06
Total Fare: $2.00
Total Travel Time: 00:13
Depart: 7:45am
Arrive: 7:58am
Total Walk Time: 00:06
Transit Trip Itinerary
1.     Walk  to Shattuck Ave &  Allston Way - (1 min walk)
    Continue along Shattuck Ave,  0.02 miles

2.     AC Transit - 51B - towards College Ave & Keith Ave, Oakland
    7:46am - Board, NW Corner of Shattuck Ave &  Allston Way (next 7:56am)
    7:53am - Off Board, SW Corner of Durant Ave &  College Ave
    (7 min ride) Fare $2.00

3.     Walk  to Bancroft Way & Piedmont Ave, Berkeley- (5 min walk)
    Continue along Durant Ave,  0.14 miles

4.  Turn left at Piedmont Ave,  0.03 miles
      (0.18 miles

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