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  • January 2011 Meeting - Adjusting Work Plans Activity

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This session was canceled due to time constraints. Please go to General Project Management for work in this area conducted subsequent to the meeting.

The following lists topics we might cover in the Adjusting work plans & how we work together section of the agenda. The Work Area teams could help lead this part of the agenda by each taking a few topics, address these topics in their break out sessions, preparing suggestions and reporting out.

Please review these topics and suggest how they can be expanded, improved, etc.

Interdependencies among Work Area work plans/schedules
  • continue managing work plans and decision making to ensure that work area interdependencies are managed
  • what are the best means of doing this?
    • what is working now?
    • what is not working now?
    • what can we improve
  • relate to Crosswalk as resource for coordinating interdependencies
Cross Walk Topics and Approach
  • is there an optimum and/or maximum number of participants for these meetings?
  • what about meeting format? what is working? not working?
  • how can we use this concept beyond conference calls/meetings?
Wiki Usage
  • template usage - vigilant, consistent
  • labels - vigilant, consistent
  • consistent structure and format across Work Areas where relevant
  • using in-line comments to follow conversation flow
    • include initials and dates
  • macros
  • gardening
  • favorites
  • notifications
Standing Meetings
  • do we have the right meetings?
  • do we have the right participants?
  • are they at the correct frequency?
  • how's the format and flow?
Communication Tools
  • conference call options
  • web conference options
  • shared "white board"
  • email protocols (e.g. subject strings)
  • shared calendar
  • threaded email/forum
Status Reports and Summary Reports
  • any questions, problems, suggestions for change?
JIRA Studio
  • we need to agree on best practices and workflows
  • share lessons learned and suggestions to inform above
Other Tools?
Code Management
  • will Work Areas need to share code? If so what are the protocols?
  • we need to agree on best practices and workflows
  • share lessons learned and suggestions to inform above
Code Documentation
  • create in-line documentation (i.e. comment code) as you go
  • what level of documentation is good enough to reach our "success" goals?
  • be clear on the audiences for the documentation
Next Partner Meeting
  • when? why? where?
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