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  • January 2011 Meeting - Communications Presentation and Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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(Marlita's notes)

- Concern voiced that new Bamboo website makes no mention of content esp. at top level.

- not about more stuff but extending the types of research that can be done with content (work output and collections)

- are "applications"/"research" phrases the right phrases for our elevator speech?

- phrase "Bamboo is building applications and shared infrastructure for humanities research.":
    - are the nouns right?
     - do we need to include "content"?
    -  do we need to name who the Bamboo partners are since who we are is impressive?
    - is it about changing the way humanities does research?
    --- better way of sharing?

- more than BTP highlighted?
    - not yet. For now we need the "there there" to have the focus
    - when the community comes, we can include it - but have the structure now

- "changing way humanities does research" - too much hubris

- worried about pushing this out without broader agreement on the phrase and phrasing.

- Tim wants to do some usability testing about the phrase (Bamboo is building applications and shared infrastructure for humanities research.)

- go back to our institutions and see if it communicates what we hope it communicates
- -- success of this test:
--- people are interested in learning more
--- people get what we are doing (harder)

- Add mention of partner /collaborating/participating institutions where Mellon listed at footer and link to a list of them.

- On right side of home page where infrastructure listed can include link to the specifics of what's going on and current of what's being built

***- perhaps wiki page for feedback re language and other response. 2 week window for response; ask Steering Council for feedback within the 2 weeks; includes the user/audience feedback
- also right now Dave needs feedback for work areas description

[question from Rich: is it "Project Bamboo" or "Bamboo"?]

Now: clean up first page of planning wiki to point to current wiki and put "archive" on the planning wiki

- get all the institutions to release their press releases at the same time - needs coordination within institutions, with Mellon and across institutions
------ contact for more information should be local
------ good instrument for getting one's own institution excited again

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