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  • January 2011 Meeting - Consortium Presentation and Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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(slides presented by Jim Muehlenberg; see attached)

(go to Meeting Photos to see images of meeting poster notes)

  • Review of member/partner structure proposed ~1.5 years ago
  • Review of planning for consortium-level work in Providence (June 2010)
  • John McGowan (UNC) drafted a document proposing how participation in consortium might be structured. Jim presented some slides excerpting John McGowan's draft.

There was considerable discussion about this approach which was a long term perspective, addressing both the immediate and eventual needs (assuming uptake and success). The general consensus was to first concentrate on most immediate needs and capabilities taking into account that Bamboo deliverables are still being built and have not yet been delivered.

A more minimal approach

Neil Fraistat suggested (with the last item proposed by Rich Meyer):

  1. A way to take in money
  2. A process for accepting partners to the BTP, cf Phase 2 funding in particular
  3. An outreach plan
  4. An executive director
Help moving this forward

Jim asks who wants to work on this in the near term. Volunteering:

  1. MITH - pending further discussion w/ David Greenbaum
  2. Robert McDonald - links to others facing consortium sustainability
  3. Lee Konrad - including HathiTrust
  4. Doug Moncur - help out in general
  5. Gregory Crane - confirmed after the meeting by Bridget Almas
Poster Notes

1.    Leadership
2.    Form a non-profit in order to take in membership fees


o Fiscal sponsor (short-term)
o Join another consortium

3.    Articulate what the consortium will do
    o Support for users of BTP ecosystem

4.    Show value BTP etc., to show we are worth funding for Phase 2.

5.    Probably have to et folks in free at first
    - CF Planning phase model with broad interest

6.    Start getting new partners to invest in Phase 2 (e.g., Alabama).

Light way(s) to bring people/tools in
- Projects bid? that use our stuff

- Lightweight/more horizontal structure
    - Get it going!
    - Get momentum

---> Partner level: soon + $
---> Lightweight: as we get interest but no $
        ---> Hathi contribution
    "Bamboo Affiliate"

    --->  get "badged"

- Melon preference to join with others
    - e.g. NINES
    - Space projects

- Scholars convene with other around their discipline/subject matter staff, not a Bamboo=like thing
    - so maybe they don't care if Bamboo goes away - as long as appropriate place for ____ long term

- Don't over structure
- Don't over-think that Phase 2 stay for proposal

0 Does it help scholars and Bamboo if we have scholars so integrated to Bamboo that they get their institution to join/pay for service

1) Money intake
2) Funding opportunities for consortium funding
3) Process for accepting new partners to BTP
4) Outreach plan
5) ED

- Robert - connections and lessons learned
-MITH - outreach
- Lee -
- Doug Moncur
- Gregory Crane (via Bridget Almas)

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