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  • January 2011 Meeting - Success Poster Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Poster Notes from Success Discussion

-    CS - needs lots; looks in and out
-    Release several workspaces -- talk to:
-    Small number collections -- talk to:
-    Services on BSP
    - Scholarly
    - CI
    - Infrastructure
-    Connection to other communities of future
-    More $
-    More money for Phase 2: Need sufficient output PRIOR and data cannot be the full scope, practically speaking.

- Collections Choices
    - CI/CS/WS
    - Question local collections still out

- Tools
- Ecosystem Architecture Diagram
    - Roles and responsibilities

- Audience stories regarding what we are offering/benefits
    - functions/tools
    - standards

- Need to be clear about functionality overlap
    - "right-sizing" the project

- Level interchange IT/Library/Scholars increased

- Awareness and connection to similar projects increased among humanities scholars

- Impact on both humanities audiences
    - Deep digital
    - "Rank and file"

1.    Principle of scale and aggregation
2.    Principle highly curated
3.    Principle collection whre we can apply tools we have already / about to have.
4.    Scholars will help us -- use the Bamboo stuff
5.    Appeals to large community of scholars
6.    Principle of differentiation (if Hathi vs./Google Books) AND collection which don't have those tools, but offer ones.
7.    Principle of access
8.    Under control of a Bamboo institution
9.    Reciprocity - especially international    
10.    Fedora - high impact idea

Success/Report Out - Thursday AM
Work Spaces

-    Demonstrate end-to-end use of B Eco via Workspace
    2 audiences
    - Scholars
    - Tool Builders

-    Challenge
    - WS capacity to involve tools, not to build tools BUT success depends upon tools being available.
    - Need to demo tools operating within WS
        - Which tools?
        - Where are they from?
        - Need to demonstrate tools

-    Use cases provide answer to challenging question
    - Pilot user needs
    - Identify relevant use cases

-    Proposal: principles for selection of tools
        : principles for where tools should live within Bamboo ecosystem

-    Abstract core services to platform e.g., authentication
Collections Interoperability

*-    Timeline required for the connectors using CMIS *
        TCP First

*-    Where do the connector services sit? *
    - WS?
    - BSP?

-    Standards Profile will be firmed up
    -    Success not equal to collections bowing to that profile

-    Collection metadata generation
    1. Manually
    2. Later automatically

-    Longer term - Operations
    -    e.g., if tools need TEI in X format, can morph it to that format (e.g. TEI)

-    Works with well distributed repository e.g., Fedora

-    Prep for Phase 2 roadmap/proposal - bring services to Hathi

*-    TSR: What format needed for input? *
    - Prefer RDF

* Formalize connection with Hathi ASAP
To Consider/Answer

- We need well designed UI layer to be useful to scholars
    - "Tools" without interfaces are "services"
    - Needs good "help" doc/user guide

- Can a tool be used by a scholar within the Bamboo ecosystem without using a Work Space?
    - Yes -- we provide an API through which someone can integrate the service/capability to another environment.