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  • January 2011 Meeting - Sucess Poster Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Poster notes from the meetingSuccess/Report Out - Day 2

.    Places in text - UCB
    - Archaeology/place
        - Geoparser

.    Morphological services tool kit        -Tufts    
    - Standard input and output UI                              

.    Syntactical analysis tool kit            -Tufts   
    - Annotated texts queries and further analysis

---------Where deployed?  BSP-----------------------------------

.    Concordance service                -Chicago  |

.    Word frequency service                -Chicago  |  Prob OSGI wrapper

.    Co-location service (frequency with near by)    -Chicago  |
.    User post process rusty
    - e.g., search, sort, summarizing in the browse, etc.
        (requested service M. Mueller) v. difficult ..
            results sets are arbitrary

Success/Report Out / Thursday AM

Corpora Space

.    Corpora Camp
    -    Functionality:
        - Can be implemented in 3 days
        - Can leverage aspects/abstraction
        - Might be of interest to scholars
           - Robin: can be good sales tool
        - Larger pattern view -AND- access to source text  -- UP AND DOWN
        - Benefit: breaks out to operations

.    Tool Principle: to extent possible can go up and down/in [to source]
    - Benefit: lessons learned document
      -  principles
      -  problems
      -  constraints

    - Benefit: Corpora group working together as team

- How far ahead of users do we want to be???

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